Video Game Streaming? A question on How to and what to get


Hello. I’m interested in getting some more information as far as streaming my online matches. Ive checked out the FAQ on JustinTV but its a bit outdated. First off the capturing device they recommend is discontinued and they dont offer information on any newer external capturing devices. Any recommendations on specific external/internal devices or techniques on how to record your matches other then from a camera phone would be greatly appreciated. :china:


There are a number of variables. What quality are you looking at streaming in? You can go the cheap route of an ez-cap for about (or in some cases less than) $10 for composite video capture, all the way up to an internal card like the Black Magic Intensity for upwards of $200.

As far as actual streaming/capture, you can go the free route of Flash Media Encoder, or the pay (and expensive) option of Wirecast.


I guess somewhere in between the EZcap and The Black Magic. Im familiar with the Flash Media Encoder when i used to broadcast on JustinTV. What im looking to find out is the process of connecting my xbox to the comp/laptop so i can broadcast my MvC3 matches on a JustinTV channel. I dont want it to be crap quality but it doesnt have to be super HD. I guess im looking to spend between 50-125 bucks.


Keep in mind you have to spend even more for a video distribution amplifier(splitters will ruin your quality), a mixer(for game audio and commentary), capture card, and if you want better than ass SD quality get svideo cables as thats the cheap route for decent picture.

All that gear will be just around $150 give or take.