Video Game Violenece < Pictures of Snakes, Chess, and Bacon

I get hella violent over crispy bacon too. Everybody knows the best bacon is chewy bacon. Would you eat crispy steak?

Bacon needs to be crispy if you’ve still got the fat on it, without the fat it’s best just when it’s starting to go the crispy red colour but isn’t fully crisped out, although crispy bacon broken up and put into macaroni cheese is some godlike shit.

Now, how do we abuse this knowledge to make bacon fueled, snake flinging, strategicly brilliant supersoldiers?

Agreed. Crispy bacon is for bacon bits only. If you’re doing a sandwich or what have you, then you should just smarten up and cook it so it’s just about to crisp, then stop. I literally just microwave bacon for a couple of minutes then devour it.

Call of Duty, perhaps?