Video Game World 09/05 MvC2 & 3S Results

An amazing turnout for a first tourny, I had alot of fun running it. All the matches were close, it was some crazy shit, I look forward to the next one. Good job to all who came, lots of good players showed. :clap:

Marvel vs Capcom 2(21 people)

1st - Elu (Vince) - Sent/Cable/Capcom, Sent/Storm/Capcom
2nd - Doc (Justin)- Storm/Cable/Cyclops, Storm/Cable/Capcom
3rd - Nguyen - Mag/Cable/Capcom, Mag/Cable/Psylocke
4th - Trentinal (Trent) - Mag/Storm/Sent
5th - Rob F’N Sigley - Mag/Cable/Tronn???

3rd Strike (18 people)

1st - MR. QUOTES! (Josh) - Makoto
2nd - Kofiend aka MR. QUOTES KILLER! (John) - Yang
3rd - Elu (Vince) - Hugo, Ken, Chun Li, Ryu, and more LOL
4th - Carl - Ken, Ryu, Akuma
5th - Shin Raven (Brian) - Chun Li

Random Moments:

  • “Oh” Chants for Kofiends Yun comboes, then yelling you suck when he messes up LOL
  • Everyone fucking up all the controls on every system so each match took like 30 minutes
  • Everyone thinking Trent was JWong cause he was an unknown Asian
  • Jino and Sal are too awesome, thanks for letting it happen guys

I’m tired and I have work. Peace

SO fun

The tourny was so fun… i sucked in 3rd strike like always but thats ok… DAm you justin… our match was to close… your gonna die next time ^_^… i cant wait for the next one that was way to fun

i was surprised at the turn out for 3rd strike, i was originally gonna come in slippers lol.

i guess the ps2 release is making a difference.

ish was too nice… was madd fun… thanks everyone that did come on such short notice!

ey! …ey! …ey! …ey! …ey! …ey! aww…

it was just ey! it was more like EEEYYYY! EEEYYYY! AWWW YOU F’N SUCK

hahha i think that was sam and some other blithering idiot that added that part

most likely sam would say sumthing like that… everyone missed my ryu inf in ST2 turbo… i rule… jumping MP with RYU BISH

Thanks for comin fellaz… the tourney was a great turnout… we will be having another one sometime at the end of october…Ill keep yas posted

here’s some pics LoL

look at my scrubby ass playing third strike… i need so much practice in that game… go ken and makoto!.. i think i should pay jino to make my arcade stick leet like yours shiki… LoL

How come justin is so stupid he is funny… LoL… Chilling with you and vince was mad fun at the resaurant. I hope the next tourny you plan is better than this one because this one ruled so… Oh yea nice job on the pic it looks good so far

a tournament where doc gets second.

the agetech never loses


Lol Blacksydephil In The Houseeeee

pan fucking zone… :wow: :xeye:

or is it… Panz-1

lol exo, wazaah… come to our next torney

nah doc… it’s “pan” “zone”

HOLY SHYT EXO… i miss you exo. much lub Msg me on aim sumtime…