Video games and violence

Studies have shown that playing fighting games is directly correlated to people being violent.


Prove those studies actually exist and don’t all pertain to FPS.

Go fuck yourself.

studies also show being in a violent environment creates violent tension.

See! you’re being violent now!


Y’all motherfuckers stop posting in a troll thread and let a mod close this nonsense.

this in in reference to what statistics? chances are the statistic analysis was based on children and or people with such little self awareness that a video game can influence their ability to deal with situations in the real world…but i think we can agree on one point, children and idiots such as yourself shouldnt play street fighter

Thats a Lie!!

And if you told me that face to face, i would spank you to death…


yeah but, think about it,

alot of people play fighting games

and alot of people are also violent.

OK so where are fighting games the most popular, that’s right AMERICA, and this is where guns are legal

Studies have shown that violence is a beautiful thing!

ban troll, please



studies have shown before video games there was world war 1 & 2, Roman empire, British empire, Ancient Greece, Slavery etc :tdown:

I apologize for posting in a troll thread soon to be locked, but that made my day. Thank you.

I dunno guys,

none of you have presented a decent argument against it yet.

It seems like you can’t disproove my original statement in any way.

Then I guess that makes it true.