Video Games should have sex as a feature

So sick of how pussyish games are these days. So we can have nasty violence and headshots and shit, but we can’t have sex? Why can’t I buy hookers in Mortal Kombat? Why can’t I sexually assault Ken in SF4? Grand Theft Auto even limits this, you can only fuck hookers in cars, you can’t even see wtf is going on, it’s like watching some shitty cinemax porn. Why can’t I fuck women and men anywhere I want in GTA, like in a dirty alley by a dumpster? Why can’t I become a pimp and fuck my hos, and watch as they fuck the clients? I can’t even hold fucking orgies or anything. It’s so goddamned limiting, yet they don’t limit violence. The fuck kind of game gives you so many ways to murder someone, but no ways to fuck someone?

The insight here knocked me off my seat.



Troll topic or not, there’s kinda-sorta a point here.

It’s just dumb. We can have horrible violence, but not sex? Imagine rape in SF, you could have a rape meter and then FADC into a sexual assault on Sagat if he tries to do his super. That would add depth and be cool as fuck.

This pretty much gets into why can’t we beat up on minority slaves and stuff but yeah.

If they put OP in a video game I would definitely space dock and spider-man him.

The virginity is strong with this one -_-

We can spit roast and high five if you’re cool with watching me get off as you do. Coo?

I’m not sure what to think about this thread let alone the OP.

lol… sex isn’t rape but sex in video games would be awesome if it came with something to hook my dick into…
otherwise its pointless, unless it where a porn cut-scene

How is wanting to be able to sexually assault Sagat and watch the tears stream down his face as I ruin his boypussy, virginal? You some kind of pussy?

I’m not sure if I’m going to read all of those words in the same sentence again.

If you want sex then just go get it in real-life. I mean if you’re a pretty decent guy it’s not hard to get laid.

I get plenty of sex, that isn’t the point. I mean if you want violence, you can go join the UFC or start fights at bars, hence we don’t need fighting games by that logic. This isn’t about wanting sex, this is about a feature whose time has come.

OP wants “Sexualities” in his games.

it would be fucked up if sagat got raped and cried and blanka still had 4 inches coming out of his asshole.

Gay, straight, bi, don’t matter, so long as sex is in the game. Since Capcom and others won’t do it, I’ll do it myself, and score the profit when it gets big.

Why did you make another account to post in your own thread?

well i mean we do have battle rapers 1 and 2 guys