Video Games vs. your life

I’m writing a story about Chicago’s video game community. If anyone would like to comment/add some input on how video game playing affects their social life, that would be appreciated. Or, if you would like to answer some questions about the community, life outside of playing in more detail, inbox me please. Thanks!

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Me? I’m just trying to get an assignment done. You can answer some questions if you want or you can stay off this thread. Thanks.

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Back in the day when arcades existed, SF2 Ryu would travel the world and meet new opponents and make new friends.

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are you referring to yourself in third person saying you stay home and play online?

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I’m referring to what I have been noticing as of late, which may apply to you.

If you haven’t noticed, this is GD and not FGD. You’re in the wrong subforum.

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Actually, this doesn’t apply to me because I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have no knowledge of any video games. I was assigned to report on a story for my newspaper. I’m trying to get general information on a thread that I thought applied to me. I have not asked you any questions on fighting games. I simply asked your life outside of video games. That is general discussion. Get your facts straight please. Thanks.

I’m not part of your subculture, maybe that’s why

Looks like you’re not as comfortable being exposed as you are with exposing others. I suppose that’s typical.

pretty typical for a journalist

Since you made it clear that you need video game information and not specifically fighting game information, why did you choose SRK as the site?

Also, is it okay to have SRK do your information gathering for you? Wouldn’t that classify as academic dishonesty? Also, do you think that your research may be flawed by using a fighting game website instead of a more generic video game website?

If you must know, this story is on the chicago fighting game subculture. With all the information I have already gathered, I changed the focus and am looking for other information now. I want to know what people do outside of playing video games. Their habits, how gaming affects their lifestyle (if it does). If gaming helps them in life, if it doesn’t, etc. I chose this forum because my main topic is fighting games. So, forums and who I talk to on here are my background research before getting in-depth knowledge because from earlier experience, people don’t get too in-depth here.

If you know what he means.