Video Games You Loved As A Child But Hate As An Adult


Im going to start off with this…bear with me:

War Gods



I used to love this game when I was maybe 7 or 8 but looking at it now is cringe worthy.I want to give my dad his money back for buying that game for me back in the day,Str8 ass sauce,fake ass Mortal Kombat 4.Game is horrible…plz continue and share the pain…i’ll add some more as I go a long


I dont really hate any games, but a lot of ps1 games (3D crap) have not aged well. I liked Paperboy when I was a boy, I think its shitty now.


The only one that I can think of is TMNT for the nes. Loved it when I was a kid, couldn’t stand it as an adult.


The early 3D attempts look entirely horrible now. They hit a sweet spot with 16 bit, then the next generation came out and tried to drown us in 3D.


Sonic the furfag.


Excitebike. My willingness to replay games over and over when I was young allowed me to ignore that there is maybe 15 minutes worth of content in that game.


WWF Wrestlemania for SNES…this was cool to pass time by tho:







and this



Lets see:

-JP: Warpath
-JP on the SNES.


The first Gran Turismo.


anyone who hates Altered beast shouldnt be a gamer, theres a million games worse then that. I dont really hate any games but Beyond the Beyond, the random battles every 2 steps, and leveling up just fucking sucks my ball sack


i spent too much time at my friend’s place making my own tracks.
but yeah there’s basically nothing to the game.


Rocky on the Sega Master System. They started making movie games shitty reeeeaaaal early, and for the most part never stopped. As a 6 year old kid I was so starved for any new game I convinced myself Rocky was amazing. The Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of it expertly sums up why I hate it now.

Come to think of it, this could apply for all but a small handful of games on the Master System…


ya I think if there wasn’t the option to design tracks I would have hated it as a kid too. I always loved the look of the dark blue tracks lol


I think too many people cant think for them self when watching AVGN videos. Mc Kids isnt a bad game at all, just confusing. The bible adventure games arent that bad compared to shit like Alien3, Bad Street Brawler, and Beetlejuice on nes, well ya, LJN did make one good game for snes spiderman MC


I might get hated on for this but im just gonna say it:

Mario Kart series


I’m sorry but there has been nothing to love about this, ever.


Backyard Wrestling. What even possessed me to like such a game?


I liked JRPG’s when I was younger, now most of the modern JRPG’s I play are fucking garbage. It’s not just me though, it’s the fact that the genre is ass now compared to what it used to be. Action RPG’s > JRPG turn-based games. Free.


dont know, some reason I still can play dragon quest 3-and up, chrono trigger also on ds. FF series I think ruined it for a a lot rpg fans