Video Help

I don’t know about the rest of you , but I could really use help finding certain videos. Some videos can’t be found using search engines , especially if you can’t remember the creator of the video. And now that youtube is deleting everything cool on their site, we sometimes have to turn to other lesser known video sites. I want you to know that I searched five different times for the video I am about to request. I don’t know if it was banned from youtube or it’s just hard to find.

This video has been posted on SRK before and it was very bad ass. It’s a 2D animation with character sprites created from scratch. All of his videos are filled with gore and violence. This unknown artist made at least three different videos, all of them remind me of old arcade side scrollers. The most famous one is about these teens who ascend a cooperate office building , killing zombie babies and other types of monsters. Here is a image of what the video looks like :

It’s inside this dude’s sig :

Can any body help me ? If not that’s ok , feel free to use this thread for other help requests . I thought this could help out SRK since the original video thread is a million pages long.

I’d have to create an account on ZetaBoards to view that sig, and I’m far too lazy to do that. I’ll help you, but I don’t need a zillionth account. Put up more info directly - screenshot what you’re referring to or that kind of thing.

Also the title of this thread is really non-illuminative. =\

Thanks for helping me dude. This video has been driving me crazy. I copied the image to my computer and I’m uploading it to my photobucket. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, I guess I was feeling lazy too. Here is the image as promised :

(I don’t know how to scree shot things , but this gif should help right ?)

I knew you were talking about Paul Robertson before I even saw that gif. :tup:

You were right about youtube. I used to have a few of his videos on my favorites list but now they seem to be missing. I was able to relocate them though once I searched for his name. Re-uploaders ftw.

Dude you are my hero. I would of never of found this if it wasn’t for you.

-manly hug-

Thanks so much. :slight_smile: