Video I made

Just a 3rd strike video I made for kicks, thought I’d share it here to see what people think. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for it I wasn’t sure where it would go under exactly.

Project Shinjitsu

It is hosted by yousendit as of right now, so it expires in 7 days. I might try to attempt to get combovideos to host this, unless someone here thinks it’s a bad idea and they’d never take it, I dunno how these things work.

EDIT: Apparently yousendit is giving problems with the link, possibly because it’s too big a file? Although it’s only about 30 Mb… anywho, here’s the rapidshare link:
Project Shinjitsu - RapidShare
Note: Encoded using DivX 6.0

gj on the parries and stuff, enjoyed it. was those red parries the result of parry stun or something on or did u block one move red parry then block again and red parry again to just show off lol

put it on youtube.

yeah thats a good idea

Did that, but the AV went out of sync and it’s not nearly as impressive IMO.

Here it is though if you still want to see it

anyone know if it’s possible to keep it in sync?

CRAZY vid.

a suggestion though. you should leave the SA bar at default. Let the parries fill up the bar. i dunno. seems cooler that way.

Aww, I want a full-parry of Chun’s SA1.

Still, fun stuff.

All I can say is nice job making the video, but I’m sorry to say that I’m not impressed. After seeing TOSF’s parry exhibition and RX’s parry video, parries aren’t impressive to me anymore unless they’re in intense matches.

I’d honestly have to see this in reality rather than believe it’s true; pre-programming and adobe are nice tools by the way. don’t take this as a bad rep but if this is what you conosider the extent of your parrying skills, why not compete against others and take the title @ evo??

^^ kinda what i was wondering.

Still, kickass video. I’d have to be in training mode for a few days non stop to get those parry timings down :xeye:

Maybe I misunderstood what you said, but you could say the same about kysg. Either way, I like the video, even though it won’t help me get better at 3S, it still looks cool?

but kysg admits he uses a programmable stick, it says so in the end… Not already judging brilliantnaoki, still a cool vid.

Nice video! What was the music…? Reminds me of B4U…

Very fun video. I don’t know the song, but the background music sounds so similar to Turtles in Time/Sunset Riders music.

By no means did I create the video to say “WHOAMG I AM TEH PROZ”, it was just something that showcased a moderate amount of skill and patience, but I still say it’s something anyone could do if they set themselves to it. I also made it to practice my AV syncing and video “directing”, I suppose.

The song is called The Five, I don’t know much beyond that such as artist or origin (I found it in a flash video).

For what it’s worth, I didn’t use a programmable stick or anything, nor did I touch system direction, but saying it doesn’t really mean much to anyone nowadays anyway. Believe what you want to believe, I guess, hence the title Project “Shinjitsu”.

My friend and I are working on a second video, which will be a combination of parry/combo/weird glitch-type footage, but plans are tentative and we’re not sure if we’re going through with it yet. I have a small amount of footage for it, maybe I’ll post a preview or something.

Nicccce vid. Like it alot.

Very good editing.


only for fun

I was thinking the same thing lol…

…NICE video, dude. I especially liked the double-aegis parrying.

Thanks everyone for the comments. Does anyone know how to submit this to combovideos? I e-mailed who it said to e-mail about a month ago, but no reply…

its cool and all. but its hard to take seriously cuz of auto parry in training. even tho as far as i know, you cant red parry in with auto parry i believe. but there were stuff that was all normal parry that coulda easily been done in training auto parry mode (yang seiei-enbu parrying comes to mind).

the other problem is that anyone can actually do most of it with training mode and get, for the most part, the exact same type of success (sans red parry). so it doesnt look too impressive to some people. which is something you cant do with combos. its only truly impressive to people when done in a match, preferrably a tourney match, so people know its legit. then it would be crazy

to quiet critics, you should probably do a vid that doesnt require training mode, like in arcade mode or something. its hard to impress with parry vids since its too easy to manipulate for most to take seriously. I can understand where the naysayers are coming from. for all we know, a gameshark coulda been used. i dunno…

but its cool tho