Video I made

Nice vid man. You should get hit at the end of the regular parries to show that auto-parry wasn’t on… then you wouldn’t have so many “OMFGZ AUTOPARRIEIZZ” whiners.

You can enable auto-parrying in extra options which applies to arcade and vs mode. Red parrying would still have to be manually performed though.

Good vid Dan. Double aegis thing was cool. Hated the song though haha.

I have clips of that, but then people could claim I just spliced two clips together, one of the parry and one of the hit… who knows what people will come up with.

As for the Yang Seibu-Enbu, that has built-in legit proof; you can’t down parry the shadows with auto-parry. People ignore that bit of evidence regardless…

lol what?? the song was the best part lol
yeah I’m trying to find something better for the combo vid. join pat and me in the making lol

Yo man I have a special request for your next vid :bgrin:

Akuma mirror or Akuma VS Hugo

Chip damage situation and Akuma throws out 3 hit red fireball cancelled into SA1. Other Akuma or Hugo starts parrying that shit. Before the offending Akuma can walk up and get a poke in, Hugo does a Gigas or Akuma/Demon.

THAT would be ultrakool - system direction or not :rock: