Video In Production: BnB Combos on Roll

Im working on a new video, and I’d like some of you to contribute. Every combo in the video is going to be performed vs Roll, so the likelihood of the Bread and Butter combos performed working on the rest of the (non-giant) cast should be 99%. For each character, I’m going to try to show the most damaging combo possible (excluding highly technical infinites). None of these can be corner only. None of these can use assists, as its uncertain which partner a player will have. These will be to help newer players get a grip on how to inflict good damage easily with their character of choice.

For each character, I’ll need a combo with the following:

1.) No Meter, No BBQ

2.) 1 Level, No BBQ

3.) No Meter, BBQ

4.) 1 Level, BBQ 10%

5.) Combo into Level 3 (BBQ is fine, 10%)

So post up your combos vs Roll, that fit the criteria, and leave a damage number with them. The higher the better. I’ll be compiling info for a week or two before I start production on the video.

Thanks to anyone who chooses to help.

Sounds good! I’ll contribute for sure…

This will be really helpful, sounds great.
Only one question, why must be Roll? In any case, poor girl :sad:

Oh snap. I’m hopping on this. Ill see what I can do. :3

This is what I got for Daimaou:
No Meter, No BBQ(I did two one using his command grab and one with his normals)
HCB B, Dash 5B(1 hit),3C, SJ B, J B, 623C-17601 damage.
2A,5B(1 hit),2B,2C,22C-8702 damage
I think there’d be a more damaging combo if you used his QCF B after placing some junk or if you just do his launcher, but idk if you wanted stuff like that.

Level 1,No BBQ:
2A,5B(1 hit),2B,2C,22C,623AB-19520 damage
HCB B, Dash 3C, SJ B, J B, reset Super Genie Grab- 28434 damage

No meter, BBQ(10%):
2A,2B,5C,BBQ,6C,623B,5B(1 hit)3C, SJ B,JB, 623B-19784 damage.

Level 1, BBQ(10%):
2A,2B,5C,BBQ,6C,623B,5B(1 hit)3C, SJ B,JB, Reset Genie Super-32521 damage

Level 3 combo:
2A,2B,5C,BBQ,6C,Dash, HCB AB-27089 damage

Eh got bored and did a quick run down with Ippatsuman:
No meter/No BBQ:
2A,5B,2B,5C,3C,SJ AABB, JBB,623C-13764

Level 1/No BBQ:
2A,5B,2B,5C,3C,SJ AABB, JBB,623C. Reset Ippatsuman Buster- I’d guess about 22564 since his grab does 8800.

No meter/BBQ(10%)
2A,5B,2B,5C,623B,BBQ,5B,2B,5C,3C,SJ AABB, JBB,623C-16618 damage

Level 1/BBQ(10%)
2A,5B,2B,5C,623B,BBQ,5B,2B,5C,3C,SJ AABB, JBB,623C, Reset Ippatsuman Buster-25418

I can’t really see a reason to combo into his level 3.But i think this works. simple and pretty damaging combos.

Is it alright if we can Combo into a level 3 and then combo out of it?

Mega’s lvl 3 is unimpressive as it is. >:

Could you please specify a BRQ precentage? I usually set it to 20% as it seems to be the average red life from a semi damaging combo…

Wouldn’t including corner only combos be pretty helpful too? Not necessarily a corner combo for each of the 5 criteria, but maybe one or two big ones. Regardless, I’ll try to contribute.

I can come up with some Casshern stuff later on this afternoon. Setting up his Level 3 sucks though…

Because she is the smallest, and if the combo works on her, it will work on anyone, standing or crouching. These are meant to be simple, universal combos for players who dont want to deal with character specifics, just so they can score respectable damage easily and start trying to win.

Yeah, thats fine.

Good call, but lets go 10%.


As far as simplicity goes though, it does have some problems. Characters like Ippatsuman have no decent combo into launcher or whatever on Roll, unless moves are delayed slightly. The whole “lean back” during hit stun causes really simple things to not combo, as they don’t return to upright position in time for the move to hit. It could always train people to delay their moves, but it’s deffinately not simpler in all cases. I mean, really simple things like, 2B > 3C will whiff. Where as 2B > pause > 3C will connect. Souki seems to get screwed by this a lot, even on bigger characters like Chun-Li… Will still be good stuff for this video though…

Yea. I have an issue with Roll as well. Some moves simply just pass over roll when they hit on all the other characters, including Joe, which shuts down some of the better combos that Megaman has. :confused:

Because of the fact that she is the smallest, some combos that work on everyone else dont work on her, like for example 5B to 6B Drill arm. The second hit of 5B misses roll, but it hits joe, so I cant combo into the drill and do something snazzy.

The idea is to construct combos that work on EVERYONE, so if they hit everyone in the game except Roll, we are defeating the purpose.

Alright Alright. Fine. Lol.

These work on Roll. I was able to do them all.

I did add variety since mega has a plethora of options due to his arms.

1.) No Meter, No BBQ - (Normal Arm Start) 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 6B, 236B (Shield Gun), 5B, 3C, 5A, 5A, 5B, DJ, 5B, 5B, 6B, 236C (Drill Arm), 3C, 5A, 5A, 5B, 3C.

2.) 1 Level, No BBQ - (Normal Arm) 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 6B, 236C (Drill Arm), 6B, 626 Drill Super.

3.) No Meter, BBQ -(Start with a Level Max Charge Shot) 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B, BBQ 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B

4.) 1 Level, BBQ 20% - (Normal Arm) 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 6B, BBQ 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 236C (Drill Arm), 6B, 626 Drill Super.

5.) Combo into Level 3 (BBQ is fine, 20%) - 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B, BBQ 5A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 236 Shinging Laser, 5B, 3C

That’s all I got for now. BLah.

Lets get some damage numbers with those, and 10% baroque.


  1. No meter, No BBQ
    IAD/j.C, B, 2B, C, [4]6B, B, 2B, C, 3C, sj.B, dj.B, j.B, 623C
    17 hits, 15541

  2. 1 Level, No BBQ
    IAD/j.C, B, 2B, C(1hit)xx236Cxx236ABC
    16 hits, 16572

  3. No meter, BBQ
    IAD/j.C, B, 2B, C, BBQ, B, 2B, C, [4]6B, B, 2B, C, 3C, sj.B, dj.B, j.B, 623C
    22 hits, 15655 at 10% or 20635 at 20%

  4. 1 Level, BBQ
    IAD/j.C, B, 2B, C, BBQ, B, 2B, C(1hit)xx236Cxx236ABC
    20 hits, 17160 at 10% or 18630 at 20%

  5. Combo into Level 3
    IAD/j.C, [4]6C, 236C, 46C, 63214ABC
    6 hits, 27508
    IAD/j.C, [4]6C, BBQ, [4]6C, 236C, 46C, 63214ABC
    7 hits, 27080 at 10% or 31351 at 20%

Edit: I swear that said go with 20% Baroque a few minutes ago… so you want 10% now? Guess I’ll retest in a few minutes.

Yeah, I had said 20%, but the Daimao combos posted already were at 10%, so i went with that instead. Sorry to confuse!

No meter/No BBQ:
3C, HCB C-9440
. . .

Level 1/No BBQ
3C,HCB AB-19440. . .

no meter/BBQ(10%)
2C,BBQ,3C,HCB C-14777. . .

level 1/BBQ(10%):
2C,BBQ,3C, HCB AB-22645. . .

level 3:
J C,HCF AB,QCF AB-26160. . .

My bad on the Daimou. . i can go back and do it over with 20% if needed. . .I’ll probably do PTX-40 Chevy. . .

No meter/ No BBQ:
3C, J BB-8112. . .

Level 1 Super/No BBQ:
I got nothing.

No meter/ BBQ:
2C(3 hits),BBQ, 3C, J BB-12967. . .

I still got nothing. . .

Level 3:
Nothing. .


No meter, no Baroque

8~A+B+C~C > 2B > 5C > pause > 3C > 9~A > B > B > 9~B > C


Meter, no Baroque

8~A+B+C~C > 2B > 5C > pause > 3C > 9~B > B > 9~B > B > 236C > 236A+B

15944 + 8800

No meter, Baroque

8~A+B+C~C > 2B > 5C > 236B > A+P (BRQ) > 5B (2 hit) > 2B > 5C > pause > 3C > 9~A > B > B > 9~B > C


Meter, Baroque

8~A+B+C~C > 2B > 5C > 236B > A+P (BRQ) > 5B (2 hit) > 2B > 5C > pause > 3C > 9~B > B > B > 9~B > B > 236C > 236A+B

18989 + 8800

I’ll do Lv3 later. Also, a couple of things. I excluded 5B from the begining of these combos as there’s fat chance of 5B being your opener. Also it does little more damage so the move is probably more trouble than it’s worth at that point. Also 236C is WAY better at setting the super up in the air, over 623X…

While a little off topic, I’ve just noticed that Batsu assist can be used like any ground assist while Roll is crouching!

What about combos that only work on small people, like Alex/Jun/Ken/whoever’s crouching jab infinites. I assume we’re leaving those out?