Video interview with Uryo and TKD from Japan


Sup SRK! So I managed to get arguably the best Viper and Fuerte players, Uryo and TKD respectively, in the world to sit down with me and my crew for a LONG ASS (around 40mins+) interview/chill session at an Izakaya in Tokyo a few nights before SBO '09. Yea, this is from ages ago, but real life>encoding+ subtitling the video.

Topics covered:
How Uryo and TKD decided on their characters and Joe’s legacy.
Viper’s placing on the tier list and her worst matchups.
Uryo’s fighting game background.
Uryo’s combo practice and differences between console and arcade.
The lack of Viper players and possible reasons.
TKD’s introduction and his ability to land an ultra every match.
The lack of Fuerte players in Tougeki 09.
TKD’s fighting game background.
TKD’s combo practice and the world record for RSF.
TKD’s words of encouragement for budding Fuerte players.
Mexican food.
Uryo and TKD’s opinions on sticking to a character and learning bad matchups.
What Uryo wants to see for Viper in the next version of Street Fighter.
How much time they spend on the game.
Is sharing information amoung the community important?
Why does Uryo use Seiso Hammer more than Burning Kick.
Who is the best player in Japan?

Here are the links:
Part 1

Part 2

And the Youtube links
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Big thanks to Uryo, TKD and Kuni for taking precious time off during SBO season to accommodate the interview.


Questions by: Me, Ganguro, Kuni and the community
Camera+footing the Izakaya bill!: Cody
Encoding and subtitles: Farpenoodle
Additional translations: Tetra

And while we’re at it, here’s a really short interview I did with Daigo Umehara for a local magazine.

And a more recent interview with Fuudo by Tetra


Ooh these are nice, Gonna check them out right now. Thanks a lot.


thanks for this! it’s fascinating to hear such pros talk about sf4.

i can’t believe that TKD can do 15 reps of RSF. i’d love to see that.


very nice, thanks for posting


thanks for sharing ! great stuffs


very good stuff to watch, espescially since im a fuerte player myself.


Excellent. Thanks for posting this.


nominated for article.


lol @ Uryo having less than 20% win ratio on his first 500 matches, nobody would say it now

PS: Nominated too


Thanks a lot for this!


Dude Yagami, I’ve been waiting for this ever since you told me about it like 6 months ago lol. I thought you just decided to not release this to the public. Thanks for finally editing everything and getting it out there.


So Joe’s Viper play inspired Uryo. I’m pretty sure Joe inspired every Viper player. He was one of my inspirations (but I’m still trash at this game, lol). Too bad he retired from SFIV. :frowning:

Good stuff, though. Nominated.


I lol’d when Uryo and TKD were imitating Jabrog and how TKD did jabx3 into Headbutt.

Anyways, good stuff and I’m very surprised that these guys pretty much made their debut with SF4. I also find it funny how true it is that GG players will tend to go for characters like Viper, Fuerte, or Rufus. I mained Viper cause she looked the most interesting and even though I have a background in every SF game I played more seriously with Arksys games like GG and BB.


Really great interview, thanks a lot Yagami. Always wanted to know more about TKD since he is my favortie player, his Fuerte is simply amazing. Love his easy going attitude :slight_smile: Him describing his meeting with Tetsu and sharing Fuerte secrets was hilarious :smiley:


This is very much appreciated!
Thanx a lot!!


Man, that’s an inspirational video. I didn’t really need the talk, but I’m glad to hear that he was having bad matches at the beginning of his Fuerte career. Makes me more confident that I’ll get better, especially since I’m the only Fuerte player at my scene. Fortunately, Buktooth is in the DFW area, so he’s someone I also look up to here in the states.


wow i can pretty much give up fuerte then then… i dont put enough time to practice and am not dedicated enough to either.