Video-Lag Test Using Cronus USB Dongle


Video of Cronus on a PS3 Console

Video of Cronus using Xbox 360 Console


Wow, I’ve got some serious issues with the methodologies there.
The entire concern of latency if the time between when something gets physically moved on the controller to when the console sees it. Those videos do NOT measure that at all, just the information received by the console from the adapter; so the adapter is talking to the console in a forced 1ms period, that’s cool, but that doesn’t say crap about latency.

Bad analogy time: Busses may be arriving at the station every 5 minutes, that doesn’t change the fact the ride from my house is two hours long or that the bus only comes by my house every half hour. This shows the 5 minutes part, but doesn’t address the other two which are the core of the latency concerns.

These are smart guys, no doubt, but this video ‘proof’ sets off more alarm bells than them not making any video at all would have. I dont like that I’ve seen more active work on accurate latency tests from undamned’s UCPS-2 project than this well funded outfit.


I thought this was going to be a proper VIdeo-Lag test, its nothing of the sort. More like a how fast we can see the controller test in software. Theres no “Video-Lag” being tested.