VIDEO: My TE resets whenever I do 360 movements -- HELP



Umm… this can’t be normal, right?

This is a brand new TE ROUND 1 I got off ebay. No mods.

The only thing I’ve done was take off the cover and unscrew the PCB to check underneath it to see if it was a TYPE A version (incompatible with Teasy which is what I want to get soon).

But it’s not. It’s TYPE B.

I did have trouble with one of the screws because of that annoying red stuff they cover them with and was kind of rough on the PCB but I doubt that could have caused this…?? And now I’ve voided my warranty by removing the glue… omg??

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? :annoy:

Some pics of what it looks like:


Hmmm…everything appears to look normal. Is anything around the PCB loose? Is it just when you rotate in a 360 motion? What about if you move it from diagonals really fast? When you plug it into a computer to do a mapping/button check does it do the same thing?


It’s the magic stick gremlins saying that you shouldn’t play 'Gief/Hawk.

/contractually mandated humorous tech talk reply


In the third video posted it didn’t look like the stick reset when you did the 360 with the lid open which makes me think that the aggressive nature of the 360 is jostling some already loosened connection. As the person two posts above me suggest double check to make sure everything is tightly plugged in.


Nothing around the PCB is loose. I tried fast diagonals and they are fine. I have narrowed it down to UP-LEFT movements that cause the disconnection! I don’t even have to move it fast.


There are occasionally issues like that with TE/SE sticks. Contact Madcatz.


What Rufus said…

I don’t think you can do much except contact Mad Catz.

Even if you have to do a complete PCB change (and end up getting something other than the Mad Catz PCB like the PS360PCB if and when that ever becomes available again), make sure to at least keep the original PCB section that has the home button on it. You can wire/solder to that button and use it with a new PCB.

What happened with the stick probably (90% chance) isn’t your fault. Round 1 sticks (particularly on the 360 side) are prone to all kinds of failures. Whichever factory in China that Mad Catz used to produce the PCB’s did a horrible job with the original TE case (Round 1 AND Round 2) PCB’s.

(That lack of quality control in Chinese factories is precisely why more businesses are choosing to contract factories in the US. It may cost twice as much to contract in the US overall but the delay time between figuring out bugs and correcting them is far less when the factories are quartered in the US. Makes a huge difference when you have a tight production schedule and generally results in far fewer faults and problems down the line in production. Companies may actually end up saving money in the long run sticking with US-centered production!)

I like the stylized home buttons on the Mad Catz PCB’s and the new HRAP V3/VX’s. They’re set apart nicely and conveniently placed for when you want to exit a game. Like I’ve said before, I like to reuse as much hardware as possible with stick mods.


I’m waiting for Mad Catz to reply to me, but I have no soldering experience!

So the newer TE’s use a different PCB? I thought they were all the same except for different artwork?


Stop mashing


Dude, it happens even if I move up/left at regular speed… and I haven’t even used the stick for more than a week.


Yep, definitely sounds like a production error.
Talk to madcatz about your warranty


No reply from Mad Catz yet via email.

I was on hold for like 10min and gave up… umm, their tech support sucks.


you HAVE to call.
i’ve tried emailing them many times. just wait.


As some advice Markman gave a number of times (who happens to work for Mad Catz as I understand it)
Call, Never email Mad Catz.


Yeah, I called again today and someone named Josh answered immediately. Good start.

I told him what was going on and he said it sounded like a PCB issue. He told me they didn’t have any PCB’s and were expecting some new ones in soon… kinda sketchy but OK (how can Mad Catz tech support not have any PCB’s??). He asked where I bought it from and I told him ebay and he was all like, “Oooooh, yeah, thats probably why they sold it. Anything sold on ebay doesn’t have a warranty etc.”

He told me that I could still send it in for repair for $20. Without any other option, I said OK cool. The only thing is that I have to wait until he confirms he’s getting more PCB’s in… which is kinda odd to me. Here’s his email:


OK, just got an email from Mad Catz and they said I can send back my stick to them for repair. So far so good.


Just an update: Received my stick back from Mad Catz and they fixed me up! Thanks guys.