Video of 3rd strike final from Spain

This is a video from a recent tourney of 3rd strike from Spain. It contains the final:Mufasa vs Godken(me). Win the first to reach 5 wins. We barely play tourneys so we are not high level players but the level is decent and the final its very thrilling and intensive.I hope you enjoy it. Please download it and post you commentaries.Thanks.
These are the links: (need torrent) (no torrent)

Also available the first link in :

These are actually pretty good matches. You guys know your 3s…I didn’t even know people played 3s in Spain

estan heavy juegan a mvc2? yo voy para espana unos de estos anos pronto a visitar a mi abuelo.

Very very nice! Not soley on the gameplay, but I like the whole party/tourney style you guys got going down there. Keep it up!

You’d be surprised how good tourney play is in some areas. I saw some pretty impressive players in Australia.

Thanks for the vid, keep it up!

I LOVED the whole “film the vibe” before and after match, the editing was a little rough but the idea was genius. Maybe less of that during the actual matches, was a little disorienting(even a word??). And were u guys playing on Dreamcast? couldn’t tell, but I saw the green goblin.

Great job with the filming and editing, I thought that was really well done. Never seen it done like that before.

Yeah, the play wasn’t exactly at the highest level, but you guys know what you’re doing. Good job, hope you keep it up and get better! Looking forward to the next vid.

editing = really awesome
gameplay = really sucky

so 5 outta 10!

they weren’t that bad. the one thing that was really annoying me was when the yun player was doing that dp kick move while in genei jin. i’m not sure weither that was a mistake or was that really supposed to be a trick. :confused: that chun wasn’t abusing her kara throw either.

I saw a girl in the background, I swear.

It’s good to know dorkiness isn’t a cultural thing. Spanish dorks are just like us(I mean that in a nice way). Good vids :tup: .

thanks :tup:

edit: nice vids, you guys look like you have a real friendly scene, i agree with what reset said

mvc2 isn’t played in Spain, or at least no one is known to play it. I think that there hasn’t ever been a mvc2 tourney here.

wow I didn’t know Napoleon Dynamite played 3s.

Los videos estan buenos, la presentacion esta amigable…en pocas palabras el video les quedo de poca madre:tup: :tup:

Those were some pretty good matches.
Were those dragon kicks on purpose or did you do it on accident?
No crime though, cause I tend to do random shoryukens and sweeps under pressure.

2 comments on the matches:

  1. Chun needs to kara-throw more.
  2. Put some spirit and passion into your “aye”…lol.

Good job guys, keep it up…:tup:

el video me gusto cambiando la camara para a ver a los que competian y los espectadores,el locutor diciendo tonterias como !! y aqui esta el entrenador de mufasa!! o algo asi hahahaha:clap: las peleas estuvieron buenas,final no apta para cardiacos, muy divertido el video.:tup:


Thanks for the vids. especially for giving us a torrent and non-torrent options for us pople at nastly ole’ work. You, sir, are top-tier in video hosting. Will review the vids once download is complete. :tup: