Video of man who shot dead neighbour over loud music claims it proves he acted in self defense


heres a video of the altercation before the shooting.


who do you think was in the wrong in this situation??

btw, this is nothing like the Trayvon case.

EDIT: link to the story


The video is missing a tiny bit of key things.

Where was the guy when he was recording? Was he on his own property, or the other guys?
As soon as the neighbor approached, the guy has a right to say back up, which he did.
Then when they didn’t stop coming towards him at that point he has the right to perpetuate for equal force. Now the question comes into play of whether the neighbor had something on him or not. It’s not clear in the vid. Guy could’ve had a gun in his pocket, knife whatever.

As soon as the neighbor touched him, he fired.

The guy(Rodrigez ) is in the right.


This is stupid shit really.

Most people that have a noise complaint call the police. They don’t go out with a GUN and a camera and try to play the role of victim. In fear of your life? When you have a gun on you and are actively putting yourself in harms way? Fuck outta here.

I guess he is some sorta stand up citizen for shooting some drunk party goers. Give him a medal in prison.

This is what shit like the Martin case has brought you. Enjoy your shit future.


I mean you got a gun, why not shoot a stereo? Probably some shitty brand anyway.

I still don’t even know who got shot. The homeowner, or the nosy mofo that brought a gun to a Sony fight?

Oh, why was this in Texas?


Some spanish guy that looks like a drunk and a meth addict, shot and killed a white teacher who was at a birthday party.

Houston has the biggest drug port thats why Texas. Man I need a boat. Get me some of that good Colombian money.


Texas still has the death penalty right?



The one picture they got of him and he is eating chicken.

Anyways, nice precedent we have set here. It’s like the 50’s all over again.


[LEFT]Rodriguez was filming close to his house, but was neither at his own property or the neighbours.[/LEFT]
The neighbour had nothing on him but it seems asthough someone attempted to grab the gun from Rodriguez at the end of the video.


Yay! No black people were involved! :party:

Anyway, this guy was obviously going there to start some shit and that Turk guy is right; if someone is holding a gun and is yelling “my life is in danger!” then you run the fuck out of there because that’s the same as saying "I’m going to shoot you in the fucking face! "


You can’t walk over to someone’s home with a gun drawn to complain about loud music. He has virtually no excuse and if he was afraid he would not have left his home in the first place. Call the police and wait.


I think the responsible thing to do would be to throw his own BIGGER, BETTER party with LOUDER music to show him up. It doesn’t even have to be a real party, he could do the home alone thing with a bunch of jury rigged speakers and cardboard cutouts on lines and pulleys being pulled back and forth between the windows.

At the very least he could have been more fireman like and chopped down the door with his axe, picked the two most attractive women, slung them over his shoulders and walked out to assert his dominance.


andddd that’s why blacks shouldn’t live next to cranky ole’ white people.



Not saying this is necessarily the case in this story, but it seems really easy for any idiot to wave a gun at someone and provoke some kind of action they might interpret as requiring self defense. It’s not unreasonable for those braver souls among us (not me) to attempt to disarm some crazy person holding a gun at you. It doesn’t seem rational that they should benefit from stand your ground. Certainly no more rational than trying to quell a noisy party by gettin on some vigilante tip


This isn’t stand your ground, this is an old man over reacting. The fact that he took a firearm with him, is intent. I from the school of thought that if you take out your handgun you best shoot to kill. This idiot is going to jail, he was in no imminent danger, until he started waving that firearm and started yelling like a little bitch.


Yeah but what if they are BLACK people?

And they are all wearing HOODIES!!!



But it would have been stand your ground if the other guy had managed to take the weapon and kill him, right?


Dude we had McCarthyism for years now


the problem is that this should have never occurred. Why would the stupid spic go approach someone else property and then make a scene about it, and then when the other guy tells him to fuck off, this little bitch starts yelling “I’ma shoot ya, ya hear, shoot ya, fear for my life”. rather than state back of because I fear for my life, he first threatens to shoot, and then justifies his actions after he had threatened to shoot with no provocation.

Your question isn’t valid because of my second statement. You don’t carry a handgun with you unless you have intend to use it. The death of that individual is the sole responsibility of the old man, regardless of “Stand Your Ground”. The old man was the aggressor the entire time.

But to answer your question. You can make the argument that the teacher felt threatened and was compelled to disarm the old man before things got out of hand. Which is a valid response to your statement because based on the evidence, the old man had no reason to pull out that firearm, and only pulled it out to aggravate the situation and show authority to validate his actions, which where way out of line. He didn’t pull it out to defend himself, because the guy that approached him was never withing arm’s reach of the old man. After the other guy backed off, the old man still had his weapon out, and was not diffusing the situation, but rather making it worse by being hostile to the other individuals.

So stand your ground is not a valid defense for the old man simply because; had he been in imminent danger at any time during the altercation, he willingly and knowingly put himself in that situation Not only that he willingly and purposely approached said situation with a firearm, implying that he at one point in time reasoned that he would need the firearm for defense.

In fact, the teacher had he lived could have used the stand your ground law, based on the available information.


If you’re in a truly life threatening situation I think the last thing you would do is yell out "I’M IN FEAR FOR MY LIFE !!!"
Sounds like something in a dumb Will Ferrell movie.