Video of mentally handicapped man being savagely beaten in 1984


I don’t see a video thread stickied at the top of the page like I thought there would be, but even if there was this honestly deserves its own thread.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m the biggest MMA fan alive, but this is just sick. My stomach turned after watching this video, not to mention the accompanying description.


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Wow. Ok. Not sure what to say about this one.


Me neither actually. I got nothing.


What’s the point of this?


as much as I want to say this video is fake, I know it’s not and that’s the sad part. I cringed when he kicked that guys head on the ground and made him bleed. This was just sick…


[insert 7,834 replies about how fucked up humanity is]
That’s what you want right? For a bunch of us to watch the video and be “OMG that’s so terrible.”:coffee:

You guys trying to document humanity’s horror on SRK?


I thought it was a dumb joke until the guy got stepped on.


Okay so I watched it. That was fucked up.:shake:


I watched it. I thought it was entertaining. :coffee: I actually consider myself a mentally adjusted individual too. I admit I kind of flinched at the last stomp, but besides that I didn’t think it was crazy brutal.

Some white kung fu dude came at me like that once and I almost lost control like the karate dude did. I’m not saying it’s a good thing.

I’m just saying I understand. Anywayz, yall can damn me to hell now.


Eeek…that was fucked up.


It’s Cobra Kai in real life. No mercy, even for the handicapped.


I felt sick after watching that last stomp. :wasted:


Aww…it was removed.


Actually this is video of a murder. The guy apparently died in the dumpster they left him in. All students watching should be held an accomplice to murder. Both the master and the student killing him should get second degree. The whole thing was premeditated otherwise they wouldn’t have tried to hide his body in the dumpster.

Both of these guys are from military backgrounds. I can’t stand the military mindset. Intertwine martial arts with a trained killer and this is an example of what could happen.



Damn that was grimy…


The guy in black was winning and knocked down the guy in the white! But he had to cheat by grabbing he’s gi and head stomps? Those aren’t karate moves.


Wow train for years to beat up on the mental ill=:lame:…


Why is this shit still up on youtube?


its not anymore