Video on arcades in Japan

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but I found a short on the arcades of Japan. Here’s the second part that starts out talking about fighters. Even mentions the origin of candy cabinets.


is that carrot top in your avatar

It’s actually pretty good, was a good watch.

very interesting, enjoyed watching

Makes me wanna go back…meh!



2 things.
1: I think it he put in that Tekken 5 came out in 2001…
2: What was that one game showing shots of a girl in her underwear and sucking on a banana?

so I guess the answer to his question at the end is…

No Fucking Way!!!

The five-second clip he used for DR at 0:30 is probably the most interesting five seconds of Tekken I’ve ever seen, and it looks nothing like how the game is normally played.

Since I do like playing it, I’m not sure if that’s more of a burn on T5 or on me. :lol:

I really enjoyed it. Fun little watch. nice job.

Thanks for the link.

I’ve never been to Japan myself, but a friend who has been a few times sets aside atleast a day of his time there to play in the arcades, and i can see why.

My only memories of arcades was when we went on day trips to the coast when i was a kid, and they were NOTHING like that :rofl: I think it is really sad that arcades don’t have the pull they once did in America and here in the UK because they look like alot of fun and a more social way of gaming, rather than sat at home in front of your TV :sad:

I just recently uploaded this:


Its part of a chapter from Retro Core when Yakumo enter on a very awesome Japanese Sega Center, its somewhat old, 2004, but its still interesting.

There arcades look like casinos lolol