Video Playback Issues


So I’m having a brain fart. :T
Reformatted my laptop to Win7. I have CCCP installed and the same file (which is a BD rip, in fact any video files) will have blotchiness on the dark colors (black especially) on three different players (WMP, KMplayer, VLC).

512MB NVS 3100M (Lenovo)
3GB of ram
Intel Core i5 520M

Help me be not retarded (in the case of this - not in real life…there’s no hope for that :D)


For BD video you need a actual BD Player

For a Windows PC I can recomend the following (in no particular order)

Cyberlink Power DVD 12
Corel WinDVD Pro 11
Arc soft Total Media Theater3

I have CCCP, CCCP and K-Lite Codec packages will not cut it. BD should not play in Windows Media Player, KM Player, or Media Player Classic.
VLC is so buggy I would not even touch that trash, also the VLC Staff got some angry Stop and Desist letters to stop providing BD encoders. The original VLC crew in France had to drop the project due to EU rules with DVD encryption.

Sad thing is unlike DVD, BD security features are changing with each new release and Hollywood pretty adamant about BD security. The Issue to the point that Sony had to Drop HD Support from non-HDMI interfaces for BD movies On th3e PS3 due to legal pressures from Hollywood Movie studios.

Sadly You got to go legit on this one, there no Free software solution from this.