[VIDEO] PRO Fireballs usage compilation

Big thanks to YogaFlame24, 0ShinAkuma and the tragically defunct Ov3rheadGreg for most of the uploads.


I made this video according to my tastes and “quality standards”, blame me all you want if you “disagree” with the stuff shown in the video being considered “pro”.

Man I love watching fireball fights! No sarcasm.

i watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it. srs man

I do.

Btw, is there a chance for this to get on the news homepage? I see a lot of pointless videos there so this should at least qualify, how do I submit this :\

I fucking love fireballs this was a great video, even if only the weird people like me like it. I tried to go watch it again but it’s no longer available due to copyright infringement? WTF is that shit, who is this company http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ドワンゴ and why do they have rights to anything in the video.