Video question, MiniDV > PC

HOw do I do it?

I tried it via power vcr… and here, the biggest issue is sound. the picture is CRISP, but the sound is capping too much. It sounds like pure donkey shit.

Any tips?

that’s through my TV tuner card

Isn’t it usually done through firewire and the software with your cam?

You could try capturing the picture and sound separately.

i don’t have a firewire connection on my PC… nor does the camera come with a cable

You could get a PCI firewire card.

Is the sound good when you just view the recording through the cam? If so then it may be a bandwidth or software related issue. In which case you could capture the picture and sound seperately and combine them with something like virtualdub.

i think that’s what’s going to have to be done.

What kind of camera do you have? They sometimes offer a usb cable from the manufacturer

I had to buy the firewire cable for my camera. I run it through Adobe Premiere CS3 though. Freaking awesome.

i can buy a firewire cable for it… but I don’t have a firewire port on my computer. i also don’t have any free expansion slots on my computer for a pci card… sound blaster x-fi, tv capture card, wireless network card all taking those up.

it’s a sony handycam dcr hc52

Time to buy a new computer!

eh, i just built my computer, thanks. who the fuck needs firewire? all my work gets done via usb.

Firewire is much more faster than USB other than that you can not connect some devices without it, so it is essential to have at least one Firewire-400 port on your PC.

Hope you find a solution for you problem!

Can you play the mini-dv’s on your computer? If so, use Fraps to capture the a/v. You will need lots of free disk space, as it captures to raw avi…I would even recommend catpuring to a secondary drive (non-OS drive), for best results. Once captured, you can edit, compress, do whatever with the dumped a/v.

In this case since it minidv the transfer speed will be 1x reguardless of firewire or usb.
You could try virtualdub(which records directly from the input device) and capture as avi and compress as needed. you would have more control over the quality and its less of a CPU hog than fraps

Yeah arent the file sizes gonna be waaaaay bigger using virtual dub and not with fraps. I have no experience with fraps so Im just assuming. Isnt power vcr related to virtual dub? By any chance are you compressing the sound at all when capping and not raw uncompressed sound. Im going out on a limb since Im not familiar with power vcr either. Just trying to be helpful.

nah it’s not compressing it. the video size comes to be a good size (4.5GB for the hour) which is fine. I just can’t get the audio to work right. I think I’m going to just get some cables and bridge it from my mixer into my computer so i get the sound working right… this way i can manually adjust the volume. for whatever reason, my camera wont let me adjust it from there… i hate sony products… but my mom trusts them…

Going back to your first post, are you capturing via analog output from your camera? If so, you could always try VLC or Real Alternative to access your “tuner card” (what I’m now perceiving is a capture card?) and grab a/v with either of them. They are both freeware.

VLC can do that? hmmmmmmmmmm