Video recording software


I’ve been wondering on what software is best to use to record emulated gameplay, such as 2df. I haven’t ever done it before, but was hoping someone had a good idea on what software is the best to use.


Smashh has been using Fraps, but alot of others like to use Camtasia or Hypercam. Sometimes I’m ghetto and do TV out/in (which will only get you 30fps). What are your computer specs?


Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.0ghz
4gb ram
Nvidia 8600gt
1 terabyte (i know harddrive space shouldnt be a concern)


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Try using Fraps… its amazing if your computer doesn’t suck and yours is far enough, especially for something so simple.


Thanks for the info… I will def. try out Fraps.

Yeah, the graphic card could be better, but I don’t do as much gaming as I used to… Mostly 2df and photoshop.


Nica K.O aka SF3LP messaged me on YouTube, asking for help on recording. I wrote him a whole guide and shit, and even a link for Fraps. Here it is:

Also, JedahsMinistry, how do you do the TV Out/in which you are talking about? Any help or even a sample vid would be great man


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You should probably ask the other guy’s permission before you film them. Last thing we need is for some of the good offline players to get turned off because morons start uploading videos of them winning with 4 frame delay.


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I understand your point, but I am not nearly good enough to claim to be doing this for a highlight reel. Most of what I want to record is what people beat me with, so that I can replay it easily later. Also, so I can see what I am doing right sometimes.

I don’t plan on releasing any kind of movie… and if I ever did, it wouldn’t include any kind of names.

It really comes down to me just wanting something to play around with.


People that play on 2DF get their matches auto recorded and placed on the site for anyone to view. And this is mentioned on the site when people join. Those people should know it’s not for private viewing.


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Kinda OT but can FRAPS capture video from youtube and other such streaming sites?


In my opinion, debut is the good video capturing software. Debut is a simple, easy to use video recorder that lets you capture video files directly on your PC using a webcam (video camera), or capture device (from video). This PC video capture software can also capture and record almost anything that can be played or displayed on the computer screen. The program saves the video on your hard drive as avi, wmv or many other file types.


Sorry, I didn’t see this.

Most video cards these days have S-Video out, I would use that with my DVR (which has a hard drive and a DVD-RAM recorder, so some minor editing can be done on there) then rip the video from the disc. The downside of this is it’ll only be 30fps and there could be some deinterlacing articfacts, although if the video is small and going to be highly compressed (youtube) it’s not noticeable.


for me the only thing that worked was downloading the HQ version of the vid (mp4)…i used quicktime to play it (VLC crashes for some reason) then from there i recorded…make sure you put full size in the video options for fraps…youll get better quality


Wait. I thought Fraps only worked on DirectX rendering programs. When I try recording nFBA with Fraps it doesn’t work.


Fraps can be set to record the monitor; it works with everything that I’ve it on. (ranging from quake wars to nfba in windowed mode/maximized.


Really?! Could you show me how to please?