Video Request: Bison PTF CC

I was going to post this in the bison thread until I noticed that nobody had posted in there since 2009 :shake: .
I think the bison sound effects in CvS2 are the coolest bison sounds of any game to date (ptf, pc, super etc. all sound awesome! :smile:) and so I was hoping someone could hook me up with (preferably clear) audio (or video with audio) of them doing an A-Groove bison custom combo.

I was planning to use this for my ringtone, so my only stipulation is that it doesn’t have any annoying background music going on at the same time. A video similar to this [media=youtube]JUOrBn7mUrI[/media] minus the j-pop would be ideal :woot:

p.s. please move this thread if inappropriately placed :xeye:

just type in bas or uma and cvs2 on youtube

I’ve looked, believe me it’s quite difficult to find a vid of decent quality that doesn’t already have either music or commentary overlapping the sfx :bluu:

If you can link me to an appropriate example though that’d be great :tup:

from gunter’s youtube page:


that’s awesome dude, thanks a lot :bgrin::pray:

edit: for those of you with iphones I made it into a ringtone and I’ve uploaded it to here if you want to download it :bgrin: I think it’s cool, but maybe I’m just a nut.