[Video]Street Fighter 4 - ALL CHARACTERS Best Challenges in 9 Minutes


Hey guys!

I recently uploaded a video I made, it’s just all of my favorite challenge combos from all characters edited with no downtime between each combo.

I’m a competitive RTS player and I commentate my own games but I decided to do this project just for fun and I think it turned out pretty good.

Anyways here’s the video:

I thought this might be a useful tool for newer players to get a quick look at some of what each character has to offer.

I do have a couple other ideas for SF videos, if you guys enjoy this one please show your support by subscribing and linking your friends to the video.



Nice video


poor dan


Erhhh Viper lvl 2?


nice. Still got 3 level 5 hard trials to go. Executed perfectly by the looks of it. (shame you didn’t add any attacks to any just for an extra bit of oomph.

Still great play.


i have a long way to go in order to get all the hard trails. i don’t konw how people can input that fast. I’m sur emy horrible noobish technique is not helping either.


Thanks guys


I like that you did them all in alphabetical order. Im nitty like that. Nice video.


Only that hardly needs it’s own thread


Haha only good way to let the viewer find specific characters.