Video Thread: Community Player Videos

This thread serves as a location for community members to post videos that do not feature top-level players. Posting your play videos is a great way to have other players review your play-style and to get critical analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

This is not a place for ugly comments or nastiness in general. Before you post meditate on your tone.

You can find the legacy thread for community videos here.

i love this idea

This is really a good. I felt that when I was posting my videos in the other threads people looked down on them and just wouldn’t reply.

Thanks for doing this. Hopefully people will actually help to.

I’ve been away for a while from AE so I decided to try to get back into it. I’ll be uploading a video shortly, I’m only choosing my worst games because I would prefer tips for me to improve not to show off my epicness. I’ll try to put up one of my first matches back that I lost so you can see where I’m starting from. I’ll give a few thoughts in the video as well…

Got third place in a regional tournament here in São Paulo - Brazil. I won using Ultra 2 against an incredibly good C.Viper, too bad it didnt get streamed, was my best game by far that day :frowning:

Against Honda: (at 44:50)
stream got messed up, the match continues at (at 00:00)

Against Ryu: (at 01:42:15)

Against Fei Long (Winners Finals): (at 00:04:00)

Against Yun (Losers’s Finals): (at 00:59:25)

I really want you to judge my gameplay, specially against the Fei Long player, he’s REALLY good! Playing against him makes me feel i’m the worst player in the world lol, everything I do gets punished.

Your main goal vs fei is to bait his bars and punish accordingly. He has no real way to get in except with focus dash depending how well you can stop him from doing that.

Watch carefully the range of rekka as this move has tons of priority and will stuff moves like Use either or to punish it.

It is perfectly normal that fei will put you in the corner and bully you with rekkas. Usually when I play vs my local Fei most of the time I am blocking all the strings and punish bad rekkas with b.short or If if spaces the first rekka so you can’t punish you can start using alot to push him even more away and have decent distance to be able to react to whatever he does.

-If you guess Fei using rekkas you can do short slide x ex flame. It does 150 dmg and combos because of the counter hit.
-Keep in mind that every rekkas and overhead on block is a free punish with super.
-U1 is alot better in this matchup imo. If you get a untech knockdown and ultra, he is force to take the chip damage or waste a bar to get out which you can easily punish with b.rh or even mummy drill to put him back into the U1.

It is a hard matchup to learn because the flow of the match is totally different than other bad matchups. You would think you’re losing in the corner but you can actually win the fight by blocking in the corner and using the right pokes at the right places. Fei has no way to chip you without losing his position; he either gets punished or puts himself at a distance where Sim can safely use to push him further away.

^^^ excellent tips, Snafoo. Btw, congrats on Top 8 at T12! :slight_smile:

The first rekka can be spaced so that you can’t punish it with super

Yup that is true and this is the perfect range to use to push him even more away.

Played against a fairly patient gief… For some reason i get a lot of this matchup… I throw a lot of st.rh cause it seems to be effective against stopping green hand or trades at least with it most of the time.


Was just having fun with this one…


ed1371, I watched both vids and thought I’d critique! Hope you don’t mind : )

Vs Gief: you have to learn how to adapt faster - the very first time you tried to punish Gief lariat with j.HP and it failed should was when you should of made a mental note “do not punish lariat with j.hp” and then bait it out (neutral jump then press and punish accordingly (C.hp). You can punish either kick lariat or punch lariat on its very last spin with c.hp. I am sure that j.HK beats lariat but I don’t advice attempting it due to the angle lol. I find that there are two types of Giefs. Gief 1: relies heavily on footsies, builds meter safely, if banishing flat or ex banishing flat (green hand) is used and you block it then Gief will FADC (backwards) and continue to space. Gief 2: lets you fireball spam for free, jumps over every fireball, all lariats are punishable because it’s unsafely used.

Gief 1:

You vs the 2nd Gief. Stop jumping so much against him and stop poke pattern against him. Instead focus on fireball game, against Gief 2 you should fireball and then slide in and then anticipate either neutral jump or jump in - both punishable of course depending on what jump in Gief does but regardless act accordingly. Also, block ex green hand is - 9 on block so you can either throw for re-positional purposes or sb.MK lp flame combo if you want. In this MU is your friend and I wouldn’t use J.hp as much unless you’re sniping in which case I didn’t see you do this in either of your videos.

Vs Ken: I was really impressed with your Sim vs Ken fight. @0.45 Ken jump hurricane kicks and you punish with neutral jump, which was awesome and your use of slides in this match were good, in particular @1:39 Ken jump hurricane kick and you slide to intercept. Very good use of pokes in this match as well. Nice combo in there as well : )

Thank you for sharing and I hope you don’t mind my constructive criticism, I only thought to give you input because I assumed you would like it - my apologies if you did not desire this. PS I don’t know Ken or Gief MU very well as I’m only 1 week old with Sim and I don’t claim to be a know all in this post, sorry if it sounds this way! : )


optimal anti-air is j.MP
s.RH is good if they expect j.MP
don’t use jumping fierce at all, use jumping RH instead
don’t point blank ultra, they can ultra you back, or just SPD you, or just… use a regular throw
punish all EX green hands
jumping RH kills lariats for free, so many times you could have punished lariat while you were already in the air with jumping roundhouse on reaction. seriously focus on this


don’t forget about all of your fireball options. yoga tower, slide, focus backdash, jum -> rh drill. it’s important to mix it up all the time.
remember that you can cancel lk slide into flame, you can cancel b.LK and b.MK into fire as well

I do appreciate all the criticism :slight_smile:
This is why I really only post in here or tech talk… Much better crowd so to speak!

Trying to expand my sim as i got kinda stuck progression wise. Wasnt doing anything new but the past couple weeks i seem to be learning again.

You have the correct attitude that is needed to progress.

We all get “stuck progression wise” or as most of us like to say “plateau”. There are many reasons for this and therefor many answers for this as well. You possess the correct attitude for progression because you realise that in order to “expand” you need to “learn” as I’ve high lighted in your post. I highlighted the word “try” because this also shows desire to improve and to note that if you only fail if you don’t try.

I’ve written down some of the things that can be done when you feel you have plateaued:

  • stop playing for a few days to a week and simply have a break and come back refreshed
  • stop playing for a few days and study up on the game - frame data, hit boxes, set ups, watching specific match-ups that you want / need to work on
  • play only against players that challenge you, this means - elite players, yes you will lose a lot but the point isn’t about wining or losing - but progression, therefore you’re playing to learn - so instead of playing your usual game, concentrate on working on the areas that you’re not consistent or strong in
  • if possible, try talk to other Sim players or to other SF community members in your area and ask them what they do when they feel like they have plateaued

I don’t have many things written here because that is all I could come up with. I could divulge on every point but I won’t because I’ll leave it up to you or others to extrapolate.

[FONT=tahoma]One thing to keep in mind is this: if you feel you’re not growing then you might need a break. But it might just be that you’re not challenging yourself. Your mind needs to be stimulated and can’t stay stagnant so put yourself in a position where you’re forced to always think and be on your tippy toes : have a set with an elite player and you both stick to your main characters in this set. As you’re playing have a pen and paper nearby where you can write notes on how that person is punishing this and that, how you need to go into training mode to practice that setup, how your crouch tech option select isn’t working properly, what ever it is write it down. Then work on those things that you found were wrong but don’t discredit what you did right, try to be happy about the things you did right as well.[/FONT]

[FONT=tahoma]Also in another thread ShawnMcCool wrote:


Sometimes when you plateau I think it’s good to do this. Go back to basics. Work on one thing during a game. That could be pokes, normals, anti airs, footsies, staying stagnant (keeping your space), play your own mental games - play in training mode stage when you’re playing against someone and the rule is "do not let the person past the middle line, only do snipes, just practice blocking - let them in your space but then do your best at crouch teching or block strings after they’re out.

I’ll upload two videos of my friends Sagat vs me and let you guys critique it as I myself am new to Sim and need the advice. But I’ll probably upload a set against a friend soon as I need all the help I can get and I also desire to get better!

Always think! Keep thinking : )

Tau Namo

I’m not sure if I should be posting this here or making a new thread but, I will be streaming from the PC while I’m on. thats the link. I just picked up sim and would love some criticism, and someone to play against =P

^ You should of just made a new thread as this is actually derailing from the thread topic.

This is for “community player videos”, not a stream. A stream means that you have a set time / date that you’ll be online and which will be the only time people will be able to watch / critique where as uploading videos to youtube makes fights available for everybody no matter what time it is.

Instead you should do as the topic says - make a video, upload it and allow for us to critique. I hope a moderator removes your post and puts it where it’s truly relevant.

You are misunderstandin the things a stream can do. You can watch logs of it even when im nkt on. I dont have the time to upload 2,3 hours of gameplay in ten min sections on youtube. And if im on at the time its a bonus because ppl can give mme tips as I play

[INDENT=1]meeny, no offense lol but do you really think that we’re going to watch 2 - 3 hours of your game play???[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Having a set with someone is different - first to 5 or first to 10 because that is all the time and amount of games we need to give you constructive criticism.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]And also, I’m not misunderstanding anything at all but you indeed are. This is for “videos”, no where does it say “stream”. As I said before: you should of just made a new thread. I’m 100% sure that everyone else agrees with me.[/INDENT]

wasn’t expecting anyone to, but they can watch however long they wanted too…if other people agree then let me know and ill delete these. not a big deal. You’re bugging out over it

I’m not bugging over it, I would just like people to post things into the correct threads and if there is no correct thread there that caters for their need then to create one. It’s not hard.

This one is called “Community Thread: Community Player Videos”

If you had the intelligence to read that and see the previous posts then you would not post here unless you had something constructive to say or a video to post. You although, would like to post your stream link. So, why don’t you make a new thread called “Community Thread: Community Player Streams”. And if you do have any videos that you’ve saved from your stream, put the link into this thread and then let us know a little about it - match up, what you would like from the community etc.

I don’t see how this is hard to do and why you keep derailing this thread with your moronism? You wrote “I’m not sure if I should be posting this here or making a new thread” and so I promptly respond to it and you get offended for no reason.