Video thread for noobs

No denying I am a total noob at this modding arcade stick stuff. Post links here to videos on how to mod aspects of the SE stick and/or TE stick.

HRAPs too!

or just building your own too!

Yeah I can’t seem to find any fight stick modding video tutorials anywhere. Especially youtube

I’ll probably record a video about modding the SE SF4 fight stick soon with simply me swapping buttons and joystick with the new Sanwa’s I ordered from Lizard Licks soon. Like 2 weeks from now :. Although I wont be making up stuff as I continue working on the mod while the camera is recording. I’ll simply just read the instruction from one of the threads here about modding the SE SF4 fight sticks and put them into my own words lol.

All the info for SE and TE fightstick modding is in these forums. I have found all the info you are looking for and most of them are threads on the first page. You won’t fully understand what they are trying to describe until you make the effort to do it yourself, then all the directions you’ve (hopefully) read on here will make sense. I have seen a link to a video of a guy modding his SE stick in the perfectly titled “how to mod your SE fightstick” thread. As well as a person detailing in a link to another post of EXACTLY how he added custome artwork to his SE stick. That was in the “I love my custome arcade stick” thread stickied at the top of the forum.

 I know it takes time and some dedication, but really fellas, everything you need is in these forums. Just take the time to go threw everything and write it down if you need to. I am not an elite snob or anything, I am a noob who joined just before SFIV launched and I was able to find everything I could ever need and more.

Yeah, well it also has something to do with people’s way of learning and understanding. Some people can have ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) that can limit them into understanding instruction. That’s what pictures are there for though. I too have ADD, but I’ve been taking medications for a while so I am fine.

Sorry if it’s a little off topic. I’m just saying.

Reading is fundamental, but we want videos.

Luckily I am a pro video producer so I am gonna make a video about Modding my HRAP.

But I am a newb to modding, so the video should look really good when I am done, just not sure about the mod.

Lol like I said before, open a thread that relates to what you are modding and read those exact instruction and input them into your own words. :rofl:

Pictures and words can only show you so much. A video is more in depth. I guess there are very few for now.

this is what’s wrong with america these days…

people expect information, freely available on other threads with a little digging around, to be handed to them on a silver platter… I am researching on my first stick and I had to put in the effort to find, read and understand the vast amount of information that’s out there… people don’t get paid to compile information into custom formats for your convenience

this is like an email my friend got from a fresh grad “Please respond back with a time and place so you can interview me to see how my skills would fit in any job opening you have”

yes… that makes no sense and it’s ego maniac… same boat

anyways… I also have ADD but I don’t go around using it as an excuse or to use it as leverage to get what I want… learn to live with your disabilities or GTFO


I have ADD too, but I am making a video, so be patient I have to wait for my parts to come in.

Then I will post the youtube video.

You know what would be really helpful to alot of DIY’ers?
A nice clear video showing someone disassembling a 360 controller, stripping it down to the bare PCB - then wiring it up to be able to drop it into a waiting arcade stick.
Then showing how it can be wired up to the buttons & stick.

There seems to be many different ways to do this; I’ve seen it wired straight up, thru terminal blocks, thru a 40 pin IDE, some are dual system sticks… aaahhh!

The pics of all the various PCBs are confusing, and somewhat intimidating for the newbish variety of DIY’ers… I don’t expect this to be layed out on a silver platter, but a nice organized guide w/video would be incredibly helpful!