Video Thread: Top Player Videos


This thread serves as an index of videos featuring high-level Dhalsim play. Much can be learned from watching match videos. However, there’s a good chance that fewer bad habits will be picked up from these videos than those people like me would make.

Super Street Fighter 4 Videos

[media=youtube]cgEyVkQS_ak[/media] Nov 21st, 2010
[media=youtube]ldZ-0HoKwqU[/media] Oct 15th, 2010


[media=youtube]6EfPxY1nLCQ[/media] June 26th, 2010


My soul weeps that Inyour Opinion (Iyo) switched mains to Ibuki :frowning: I so miss watching new matches of his…

I dig this thread idea though. The only thing is, how are a majority of players going to know whether to post a video in this thread or the regular video thread? What some may think is an incredible play/tactic/match/etc. may be pedestrian to the next player. Just saying. I guess time will tell. =)

Honestly, I was just assuming that I’d update the original post in this thread to include all videos that pop up in the Dhalsim forums that match the criteria.

But, you’re right. I should make more of an effort to be descriptive in both the Table of Contents and in each thread’s original post.




I think all best and technical matches should be in the first post of the relative matchup thread.

That definitely sounds like a good idea.

[media=youtube]N7I7PH53laI]YouTube - PPN [Dhalsim] vs oginoyuusuke [Juri[/media]

Always a pleasure to watch PPN work his magic. This Juri is very nice — it’s going to be scary once her full potential has been realized. Like — very scary.

Great vids!

Juri can dash under sims fires. wtf?

just to keep this going, some champ vids from Redemption Suite.

The Mago match was amazing…precison evasion right there…

vs Mago (Sagat)

vs RF (Sagat)

vs Neurosis (Dictator)

You missed F.Champ vs Fuudo @ 8:10

That room was crazy, I was so busy that half of these matches I had to watch after Offcast uploaded them for me.

YHC Mochi

Filipino Champ vs Climbatize (Yun)


Moar from FChamp playing on PC

vs Adon

vs CViper

vs Ibuki

Some Sim footages from EVO2k11 (FChamp)

vs Guile

vs Seth

Footages from Montreal Annual Tourny 8 (Snafoo & Sabin)

vs Honda

vs CViper

vs Bison/Dictator

vs Rose

Moar from Snafoo

vs Balrog

vs Seth/Rose

Long reel of matches from Darui (top ranked Sim player in JPN).

must watch for Sim players :pray:

vs (Abel, Guy, Juri, Hakan, Sakura, Yang, Yun)

Videos of PPN (aka. AudioSunSun)

I’d say definitely in the top 3 Sims in the world right now. I hope you guys don’t mind if I post some matches where players lose. Because they do. It’s our jobs to learn from it.

vs Makoto

vs Zangief, Yun

vs Fei Long

vs Adon, Gouken, Yun (starts at 7:50)

Actually PPN is the best Sim player in the world IMHO