Video Training



I’m considering setting up a way to capture my gameplay so I can analyze it better. Sometimes I forget what I did wrong/right and having footage to review would be really nice.

On that train of thought, I was just trying to probe Chun players and see if there is significant interest in training with partners who have video capture capability. I could add it as a section in my mentor/apprentice thread if there is enough interest.

Basically we would try to pair up two players, preferably one experienced player with a less experienced player, and one would have a way to capture and upload the matches. Even if we pair two inexperienced players together, the video could be analyzed by everyone so it would still be very beneficial.



I am up for anything like that :slight_smile: I have just got some capture software set up and tested it out last night with just me messing in training mode. It works great so you can put me down for this (as long as my connection from the UK isn’t too shitty).

Either way I am up for a few fights (not just Chun Vs Chun matches, I can kinda use most charge characters alright) and a few capturing sessions :slight_smile:


I am definitely interested in this (in the “apprentice” role). I don’t have a capture card, but I’ve been achieving good results recoding with my phone. Search my xbl tag in YouTube. You’ll see some of the recordings. It’s not beautiful but it works great for analysis. If anyone is interested they can just add me. Hopefully the connection will be decent.

Also playing BB, but I suppose recorders aren’t as essential. Nonetheless it is always nice to have individuals you can play over timeto track your progress.


I have a camera too but i don’t have a good connection :confused:.

We can try too


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