Video Tutorial: How to mod your TE stick from start to finish!

Hey SRK’ers I’ve seen comments the past few weeks for a in-depth video tutorial on how to modify a TE. Wasn’t sure if one already existed, so I recorded a tutorial myself.

It’s around 8 minutes long, so sit down and relax. Make sure to watch in 720p High def!


I shot, modded, and editted everything myself today in around 4 hours total start to finish. Hope you guys like it and it helped some people.

Couldn’t have done it without the help of my cat Beatrice!

Good vid AoB! gives the viewers a good look on how to do a mod on their fightsticks. hopefully it will cut down on some of the simple questions asked on TT.

Good stuff, simple yet effective for those who want to learn how to at least swap buttons/joysticks/art.

I think it would have helped if I said what type of head/size bit I used to unbolt the top 6 bolts, but I’m not even sure myself.

I just have a cheap toolbox I got for free from a bank years ago when opening an account lol. So far it’s had every tool I’ve ever needed for modding any electronics, sadly it doesnt even have any sizing or specifics on any of the pieces.