[video] UFC 101: Silva vs Griffen VS Evo2k4: Daigo vs Justin Wong


If you watch UFC you will appreciate this. This was the first thing I thought of after seeing the Griffen/Silva fight haha



What the … ?
You must have failed at realizing what happened in either the UFC match, or the 3S game.

Anderson Silva raped Griffin and just dominated him into a KO.
Daigo was on the ropes and pulled an amazing comeback.

Anyway, the Daigo video doesn’t need any “remakes” – It is what is is, a great comeback.
The UFC match is something completely different – Stop trying to relate everything to Daigo and/or fightinggames.

You fail.


Nice effort at humor but it did fail like above post says


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You make me sick. I like UFC and I found what you did to be equal to the actions of a pedophile cannibal serial killer.

Stop posting this damn video. Shit. Take one thing and some stupid idiots have to run it into the ground. Everyone wants to be a funny guy.


Click me to see what i really think


Unfunniest shit I’ve seen all week. MMA is balls.


failed at making us laugh, and failed at trying to put a banner on your signature.

double fail.


Are people ever gonna be done referencing the full parry? That hype died down years ago.


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lol the angry nerd virgins are out in full force tonight


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A good friend of mine once said “if it smells like trout, stay the fuck out.”


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this has absolutely no relation to the fight AT ALL.


im sorry but get in the real world poeple, justin vs diago wasnt shit compared to silva vs griffen. They hyped up forrest griffen so much, he is the toughest,he is the hardest training, he is very hard to knock out. The fight was ok but it was a boxing match and silva made griffen look like a clown. Putting his hands down , the “taunt knock out”… lol . any ways silva is giving up his belt and gona focuss on 205. Let the domination begin.


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lOL @ “Ultimate WCG gamer”



Oh god he seriously calls himself that.