Video up! How to turn brawl into a TRADITIONAL FIGHTER! Alternate mode of play


Yeah I checked it. That sounds like it might be good. What about set stamina? I am going to experiment and see what would be reasonable for the characters but obviously people are probably not going to agree.


It’s a really tough call on stamina variance. While it makes sense, the problem is choosing who gets how big of a boost. I’ve been sticking with 200HP for everyone since it seems to prevent matches from being too short or long and seems moderately fair. With the exception of the Doomship level I made, true runaway is hard unless you are just being blatantly broken with it (rising Pound, Diddy and Lucario’s permanent wall cling) and those tactics are easily banned.


This is kinda gay.



Why don’t you guys play a real fighting game? This like defeats the purpose of playing this “fighting” genre.


Vids from a recent side tourney with Cage Match mode:

[media=youtube]mx4Wt09P14U"[/media] LOL, Toon Arrows vs. Nikita missiles


I don’t want to take anything away from this thread AT ALL. In fact, if I knew many people in person to play with, I would be posting here a lot more often. I’m not sure if such a question could use its own thread, but if I’m wrong lemme know and I’ll just delete this post.

I’m just curious. has anyone else found interesting ways to play Brawl? For instance, I once saw a youtube vid of two people playing “Brawl Soccer”. They had these huge goals up and they were kicking the soccer item around into each other’s goals. I dunno if that’d be any fun or not, but yeah… it’s just something I saw


I don’t want things to go too far off topic either but in response to your question–try playing Coin mode (instead of Stamina) in one of these enclosed stages with a limited selection of items and damage turned up to 300%. It’s hilarious when the damage causes wall rebounds to get so bad you can almost combo together fully charged bat swings.


This might be required for the Ice Climbers. In normal Brawl, they can be separated. Not only can you not do that with the setup of this mode, but while the partner can be killed they have a full lifebar of their own. Trying to decide if Ice Climbers should have half or 75% of the HP the opponent has to compensate for this.


in honesty this give Brawl a new feel. Ive been testing it for a few months now and i never realized that someone else thought of this idea. Although im not surprised. Its pretty fun. Im gonna test this at my next tournament


I did something like this once, it is fun. In the end you just want to play normally though but it does give you some fun for a hour or two.


This is a great idea and I’m going to have to try it out with a couple buddies soon.




I like it though I can’t get any1 to play it with me.

To give it more edge, I turn on heavy gravity and change the damage ratio to 1.5 (this eliminates all infinites)


sorry for taking up space but i was looking for the threads for Ganon/Marth/Samus and just wanted to post after this guy since our handles are so similar

that is all


I just want you to know that you’ve ruined me and my friends on traditional Brawl. This version is just so much more fun, lol. Anyone combined this with Brawl+? I wonder how that would work.


lol. The street fighter map you made is pretty cool. The first one I created had the walls going up as high as possible and making the map as long as possible. I don’t see why I never thought of closing off the top though. >.>; Anywyas, it looks like it’d be really fun.


Oh dear. So many things wrong with this… For starters, isn’t the reason Smash gets clowned on so much because we ban everything? Also the depth of the game depends on maneuvering and positional tactics. Without those it’s a pretty lame game.


Great idea! I’ll try it out! : D


This is actually a great idea! This ought to a fun experience.


What the heck you doing here? Go to street fighter, and talk about that