*Video* When to use Fei Long's Ultra 2!




I heard a lot had some problems with choosing Ultra, U1 or U2? For me it’s obvious now, U2 is the choice, I’ve used it in torunaments, casuals and against pros, it works and I made a video to show you some good situations when to use it.


or you could just flame kick fadc ultra 1 :confused:


the cost of screwing up the U2 is too risky for me


Has anyone even listed the actual full properties of Gekirinken?

Oh well, I will then.

[]Instant, 1-frame startup - Technically, he cannot be safe jumped when using this Ultra.
]Does 470 damage max - Will always be unscaled, that’s why it seems like it does loads of damage.
[]Counters high and low attacks.
]Cannot counter Armour Breaking or projectlie-type moves - If hit by armour breaker, Fei Long does not take Counter Hit damage/hit stun.
[]Reversals, that would normally break armour despite not being armour breaking (wakeup SRK, Honda Splash, etc), can be countered.
]Can be thrown.

Another thing of importance is that it expands Fei Long’s hittable box, meaning things that would normally whiff, don’t.





Hehehe… that first video has a lot of places to NOT use counter ultra. And the one’s where he gets it off in a fail block string or dropped combo, you can do that with a lot of characters with a lot of different moves.

I still use ultra 2 for just about all match ups, but those aren’t “setups” hehe… use your head a bit more and you’ll develop some wild setups for counter ultra. Just look to create situations where the enemy has an 80 percent chance of pressing a button. Don’t just guess he’ll press it, create the situation where he has too.


i still havent found a way to use it. A big reason being it doesnt work on armor breakers. I want Abels Ultra II


To me, personally… this Ultra has only worked to my benefit vs someone who knows what it does… since it actually changes the way they attack and at times makes them more hesitant. Vs someone who has no clue, going crazy… I’ve managed to whiff on my chances to execute it (I know my fault) and got severely punished at clutch moments.