Videogame companies and or series that have gotten worse or gotten better?

Terrible effort Zoolander. I could pay a mohow with cheap beer to troll better than that.

KOF13 on ggpo? :y

Blizzard. Dear God, Diablo 3 was perhaps one of the biggest disappointments of my gaming life. And it’ll only get worse.

Well loads of replies in this thread went as expected -_-

Nobody’s said Nintendo yet?

Mortal Kombat stopped sucking this gen. Before MK9, Shaolin Monks was the last good game in the series. It’s great seeing it back to form.

It’s silly to shit on the entirely of ME3 on the ending. The ending was ass but the rest of that game sure as hell wasn’t

A newer IP to go out is **Lost Planet. ** They’ve definitely murdered it with the upcoming LP3, which looks like they’ve slowed down the pace, took out the “use anywhere” grappling hook, and designed a goofy, Nic Cage-looking main character, and that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a safe assumption that the multiplayer aspect of it has no chance of being even slightly “ok”. It’s done… that game will destroy whatever small amount of hope was left for the franchise.

On a positive note-- Borderlands… part 1 was alright, and occasionally awesome if played with friends (quite boring if played solo), but at least in my opinion… part 2 shits all over part 1. Better graphics, enemies, more interesting and memorable weapons, an actual story and great main villain, and I even like the new characters better than the old ones…which is surprising for me since I went into it immediately skeptical of anything being more fun than playing as the main man Brick. I’ve put way more hours into B2 at this point.

Back to negative-- Powerstone 2. <–the death of what could’ve been a great series. It wasn’t even that bad, but it was quite a letdown from what part 1 was, and nothing like what I had in mind as where the series could eventually go… it was a step backwards.

Gears of War Judgement-- every new bit of info I hear about it is something I don’t like. This went from a “day-1 purchase” to a “hell naw” for me. A neutered Horde mode called “Survival” that is just 10 waves? No regular fuckin Horde? What? No Locusts in multiplayer, just humans vs. humans, are you serious? Those little things pile up to make quite a stain. Get the hell out of here with that.

Nintendo just has bad decision making on the console side. The games (and the 3DS) are still great for the most part.

Besides, when you have EA and Capcom doing everything they can to cause an industry crash, Ninty’s mistakes are almost a non-factor comparatively.

Nobody can rip on the new console because no one bought it in the first place.

Tomb Raider has gotten progressively better ever since CD took over, and the new Reboot is fuckin great.

Castlevania. Lords of Shadow was a shameless God of War/Shadow of the Collosus ripoff. It wasn’t even supposed to be a Castlevania game but they just slapped the name on it mid way through production. You can actually tell when you play through it. They also destroyed a 20+ year legacy of one of the things Castlevania is really known for: the music. Instead, they put in your generic hollywood lord of the rings music bullshit.

Mirror of Fate fucking sucks too. Alucard with a whip lol.

from software got better

I’m watching you, motherfucker.

i feel like tekken peaked a few games back. basically after 4 they realized they fucked up bad and havent looked back since. peaked at 6 and pretty much been riding high since.

i dont think kof13 is a peak…every kof game is so different. its hard to say it got better or worse. its like a giant experiment, 13 is fucking good but i aignt mad at the others either.

SNK should get Iron Galaxy to do their KOF console stuff. Just sayin’. IG is getting better and better with each release…

Exactly what I’ve been thinking. I tried the demo of Mirror Of Fate and that’s exactly how I felt. This is was ruined the thundercats 2011 cartoon too. It had that generic hollywood music bs/etc too.

-FEAR was one of the first fps games that got me into the whole “doesn’t need to have multiplayer to be fun”. FEAR 3 was just a splatterhouse of “look at us! We can also hop on the bandwagon!”

-I thought that Mortal Kombat 9 did a good job of rebooting and getting away from the time I like to call “I don’t even care era”. There were too many half ass experiments to be innovative in the series and the character designs just started to get lazier and lazier. I was worried that 9 would be the game that makes people go “Just let the series die already…” but I am really glad I was wrong (my opinion of course).

-Telltale Games is getting better as a company. I would tell friends that I liked to play Sam and Max and they would have no idea what that was. With The Walking Dead gaining popularity as both a graphic novel and television series, Telltale managed to attract more attention with the Walking Dead game. Shameless plug? Maybe. But if the game is solid I can forgive and forget.

-Hitman I have no idea. On some parts I have to say the game series has gotten better (adding contracts and removing “get your suit back” as a requirement for silent assassin) and some could have been better (no jasper kyd for music and listing different ways to kill targets instead of letting your mind wander). I want to say that the series got worse but I just wanted to continue playing hitman after blood money.

-Borderlands 2 also has my acknowledgement as a game series that has gotten better. The first game was awesome, the DLCs tested the waters for how to continue the game, and the second installment blew me away. I hope that they keep releasing DLCs to fulfill Gearbox’s plans to make a “hobby” and not another “game”.

-Blizzard I want to say has gotten overall better. The big three that people are paying attention to are WoW, Starcraft II, and Diablo 3. Although I played WoW in the beginning, there have been roller coasters of good/bad things even into the current expansion. Taking into account just how haphazard the vanilla WoW was, the game has definitely gotten better (some classes were useless in anything except one role at the start, quests were “gather X” or “kill X” with little to no plot, and raids were almost impossible to get into on low population servers. All of which got addressed). Diablo 3 was a slump and would have been more successful if Blizzard had listened to player feedback earlier. Starcraft II is just cool as hell all around. I can’t say much about the finer points of high level play since I’m a scrub who just likes to play single player for that game, but so far I have to say it is better than the first by far…although the gap in release dates might be the reason.

-I like Valve. Aside from the Half-Life 3 rant that people won’t give up on (nor should they but maybe cut down on the fanaticism) I like the games they make as well as how they manage them (free stuff, making tf2 free to play, adding crossover dlc stuff for games). Hell I just read a cool thing with I’m more interested in reading how Valve could be a bad company with all of the cool stuff they do.

Hopefully some of Valve’s great business tactics rub off on capcom. That would be nice.

jesus christ


Insomniac Games, what the hell are you doing?

Great dev team from the first Spyro game to Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, but ever since their partnership with EA they have gone from sugar to shit so fast.

My perspective on games hasn’t changed much. It’s just that gaming is becoming more of a business which is ruining their quality.

I don’t think the developers have gotten worse. (Unless it’s Capcom where everyone leave them) They are just clueless in how to handle the demand to cater to a larger audience, and the solutions they come up with make for worse games overall.

It also doesn’t help that pieces of shit get amazing sales and convince developers to try to copy. (For example- God of War, a shitty game with shitty “cinematic” bosses and QTEs -> Bayonetta copies shitty “cinematic” bosses and QTEs.)