VIDEOS BRASIL KOF 2002 december/03 - House of Games - Londrina - PR


KOF 2002 BRASIL results with link to VIDEOS - december/03 - House of Games

All the videos are not linked yet, only the first round (64 players).

-=Rodrigo Ramos - Champion=-

This is the link direct to the vid (real media)- all in portuguese, just click the name of the video with the number (in blue) to download it. The videos are 6 Mb maximum.

Rodrigo Ramos, the champion, lives in So Paulo, he is very good. Check it out and discuss the videos. Very good players, huh!?


Specially when they Shout “3-1! 3-1!” (Trs - Um! Trs um!) that means whean all your characters are loosing to one. “Reverse! Reverse!” Means when your last character turn the table!

It also had a Capcom vs SNK 2 championship, I won, but they do not have the videos, cause here they love KOF and hate SF. What can I do?..


That PR isn’t Puerto Rico.

Just to clear up!


City: Londrina
Estate: Paran (PR)


is this the tournament where the infamous kdc marvel won a car in a grueling 4 day tournament :wink:


No, from where I know, KDC Marvel dont play KOF, Play SF and Marvel, he is from So Paulo. That tournament was in So Paulo and had 198 players. WTF??? Yeah! 198 players!

Didnt knew he won a car, I knew he won the tournament, dont know about the prize.


No opinions about the vids? No opinions about the gameplay? Nobody play KOF here? I dont like, but I play…


Nice vids I like it. What I’m most impressed about is the crowd, they sound like they’re really into it. You don’t see that often anymore

Keep the fire alive over there


I cant see the vids … dunno how to download em.

Im from Peru btw … came to the states december 2002 and still cant find decent kof comp … only one guy at a regional tourney but that was like several months ago.


Just click in the links with a number followed by the name of the players. Its write in blue.

I recommend download with all priority the numbers 24 and 27 on the page number 3. They are pretty good. I think that the link was off-line a day ago, but its ok now.

Sorry about the english errors.

If it go off-line again, just tell me, its my friend site and i’ll try to fix.


Yes, fighting games are spiced up in Latin America (Specially SNK games)

Crowds are killers, lol!