Videos from more.hunger@thebreak - 1-11-04

Videos from more.hunger@thebreak - 1-11-04 - UPDATE AT 5 PM EST

FMJ was kind enough to up my allotted server space from 250 megs to 600megs so I have plenty of room to upload the grudgematch between starbury and DSP and still keep the Chinatown footage from last week.

Hopefully I will be creating a webpage that has links to all the stuff I currently have up there. I get home around 4 PM EST, and will upload the video of the grudgematch as soon as I get my stuff sorted out. I’ll also put up Justin vs. Random guy low tier match, later on tonight after I get some stuff done.

Anyway, the chinatown footage and this week’s break footage will be up until next week. First I’ll be taking down the chinatown stuff and put up what I recorded from the Maryland regional tournament. After that I will take down the Break stuff if I need more room.

Oh yea, FYI. I asked FMJaguar, and the server did 20 gigs of file transfer yesterday. And he said probably 99% of it was my stuff people were downloading. Good job, way to rape that fucking bandwidth.

Grandfinals: Justin vs. Desmond

Losers Semis: Infinite vs. Desmond

Winners Finals: Brandon vs. Justin

Losers Finals: Brandon vs. Desmond

Grudge Match: DSP vs. Starbury

did you get any cvs2 vids?

i wanna see the grudge matches…good shit shawn:D

no, something happened with the battery on the way down and i only had 1 battery, not 2, so i didn’t have time to get CvS2, plus i only got 1 camera, and i like marvel more than cvs2, so i got that instead. plus marvel has a bigger fanbase.

i was going to get ST footage, but i decided not to when i realized i only had one battery, LCDs eat up batteries like hell. If i brought the charger i would’ve had more footage, i forgot the break has plugs easily accessible all over the place.

Yeah grudge match would be cool.

ah, i c. thanks a lot for the mvc2 vids and for getting them up so quickly.

man ya need a better server. Things taking 4ever to dl

tell FMJ, there’s also over 200 views on this fucking thread which means 200 people downloaded the vids you are downloading, so the bandwidth is pretty fucking shot at this point

nice vids

gah , the avatar is handing out epileptic seizures like a episode of pokemon

thank insaniac…we’re currently working on an even better one

Hated one I’d say MVc2 has a bigger fanbase on the East Coast…


nice every1

i don’t live on the WC now do I?

… Your Bright…:confused: :rolleyes: :eek:


thanks, i try my hardest…

anyway, I just really have no interest in CvS2, if someone gives me heads up at the next tourny I’m at where there’s marvel and CvS2, then i’d be more than happy to tape footage. I just can’t stand watching that game forever, so I don’t know when the finals and such are comng up, or other good matches.

I like all the other games like 3S, A2/3, ST, etc etc… but I just can’t fucking stand CvS2 for more than like 2 matches.

Good shit Hated One, it’s great that someone is actually recording EC tourneys now.

Phi, can you put the matches between me/nestor up? Those were good matches, I think people wanna see.

update, check first post

nice play from everyone, good shit

nice msp brandon

thanks for the new vids

Edit: thanks to fmj for more space, it’s appreciated:D