Videos gaming live commented in french

Hello my friend, I show you few videos of king of fighters that I do by myself. Videos are commented in french so if you don’t understand you can shut down the sound. I bought a HDPVR so the quality of the fourth video is optimal. The first, the second and the third are correct but the quality is lower than the fourth. I play much with flamme iori too.





I’ll posted the futurs videos here. Someones will don’t be commented. I’m a french guy so excuse me for my bad english .

Hello guys ,here a new video of kof 13.

I show problems on the online and finish the video with amasing combos with 3 caracters : kyo, flame iori and athena. Combos are easy to do so I show you.


No offense, and I hate to sound like an asshole, but that is some very low level play. I’d like to give you tips but I wouldn’t even know where to begin as you seem to lack even the most basic knowledge of fighting games. As for the last video, those aren’t exactly “amazing combos” at all. You need to learn to hit confirm into HD mode instead of just activating it and hoping you land a hit. You might want to start with something like this HD combo for Iori:


That combo is extremely basic and very easy. Once you get the hang of HD mode and how it works you can move on to more difficult and damaging combos.

Thanks for your advice. I know that I’m a bad player but I try every day to became stronger. I say this combos was amazing but I know only for the weak. This videos aren’t for the strong player. I’ll train again for became good.