Videos of Stilt's BH, thoughts

All right, people have been wanting to see videos for a while now. Now they exist and in a place where you can easily get to them. I’ll give you a swift rundown of my thoughts on them. Keep in mind, I was a little rusty and not up to my Portland/NW tournament form due to my long period of relatively sparse practice over the last two years, but I actually am not too horrified at how I did given that. There were some pretty serious judgment flaws out of lack of regular, recent practice against really good opposition, and I don’t even want to think about how awful my Cable was in the one game where he appears (Fairfield Tilt’s sticks are about two thirds the size of Lloyd Center Tilt’s, and I haven’t yet made that adjustment for Cable and knew it was a mistake to try to play him but I tried it anyway), but it’s a reasonable prototype of my Team Watts at some approximation of its effectiveness.

First video was my first round match against KiLLaKeLLy. In a word… wipeout. He clearly had no idea how to fight against a solid BH and got OCV’ed in the first game and the only reason I didn’t OCV him in the second game as well was because I felt a full strength Cable in the corner at 2:31 was a little too good a situation to use my DHC for. Let this be a demonstration, yes, I CAN do it relatively on demand in tournaments even in my relative state of rust. Cable is probably the easiest character to do it on. (IMO, Storm and other pixies are the hardest, in fact I blew it on Storm later in the tournament in the third video.)

Note Cable’s lifebar before and after this is done. He’s at full life when he walks into a sj. rh almost immediately after he comes on the screen, which he doesn’t get the chance to mash out of on the ground before I’m on him with a two-meter DHC in the corner that leaves him with about 5% life when it’s all over.

This video is also a very solid example of why I consider Commando to be an absolutely no-arguments better assist for BH than Cyclops. There are probably about three or four examples in this match where I hit some character bouncing with rh demons, the best example being Cable in the first game. Cable is still bouncing at shoulder height and I can do a st. short/fwd/rh/Commando into whatever I feel like without worrying about whether it’s going to hit. Being able to convert these things, as well as controlling the vertical space you get with Commando, contributes a TON to BH’s offense in situations that Cyclops does not allow him to take advantage of. You can use any sequence at your discretion off of this from simply poking into Commando, following up with an inferno into anything from HOD to DHC to simply letting it go after the inferno to save the meter for later. With Cyclops, you have to wait until they get to the ground or very close to it, where they can swiftly mash out of the demons hit and your opportunity is ruined. If you try to juggle them any higher with it with Cyclops, it will almost unfailingly whiff somewhere along the line – with Commando, you can do it at standing poke height with zero chance of them mashing out and there is not a blessed thing they can do about it. Note that I also did the standing short/fwd even when they did bounce closer to the ground, because the rh hit sprite for every character is tall enough that you don’t have to sweat crouching anyway, and the standing poke is longer ranged than the crouching one as well.

Second video against Mikey R. This gives both a demonstration of a Watts mirror match (which illustrated both my experience with the team and Mikey’s lack of it… his hanging BH out to die in this first game was particularly egregious) as well as an example of how to fight with Team Watts against Team Scrub and do just fine. In fact, I should have won this match in a two game sweep. I look at the lifebars of our respective teams at 3:52, just after I’ve killed his Cable with an unblockable in the corner, and I frankly feel a little ill that I managed to give this match to him. Not to take anything away from him, he’s an excellent player, but if I’d shown better judgment in the endgame of game 2 this is a 2-0 sweep. Nobody’s really got much business coming back on Sent/BH/Commando with only one badly hurt point character and an assist character left if you don’t hand it to them. As it was, I not only gave him the second game back but I then foolishly trotted out my Cable/BH/Commando knowing that my Cable was at a small fraction of his usual effectiveness on those sticks and was rusty to boot. Sad thing is, a maimed BH actually made a modest fight out of it later on and might have been able to pull it off if I hadn’t gotten him mangled before he ever took point.

At any rate ™, the third match was against Larry S, and this came literally within minutes of the one where I collapsed against Mikey. I still had that match in my head a little as a result, so I didn’t play here as well as I should have. I didn’t even want to start BH in the second game and only did so out of absent minded forgetfulness that Watts does not start BH on Santhrax. Even as it was, my BH was a bit off balance and still could’ve killed Storm if I hadn’t blown the DHC on her. She bounces and drops a little funny in the inferno column so she’s almost always the one out of the top three non-Sentinel characters that I whiff the DHC on most. (I almost never blow it on Cable or Mags.) As it was, a piece of the HOD hit her, and that’s always the last thing you want to see when you’re trying this. I probably should start using the armageddon as the whiff super just to prevent situations like this from happening. As it was, it was an execution mistake there and a little luck in the first game where he calls Commando right into a HSF and he gets hit that did me in. If Commando bounces a little differently and/or I convert that DHC this is a different match.

In any case, it’s not a bad vision of how I play BH. It’s not a good vision of how to manage your tag-ins (because my cute attempts to tag characters in almost always got me hurt badly, and that’s really kind of stupid because Watts is a team that gives you a safe DHC swap, so there’s not a lot of excuse on my part other than rust and poor judgment… and it’s really, really stupid to tag character in when you’re ahead) but it’s something that will show me just how much I left on the table last Saturday and should work on. A lot of the tactics were pretty good, but a lot of real rust-inspired judgment errors from not playing a lot of solid practice lately. Note to self: work on that. :sweat: