Videos/photos showing difference in size between SF4 SE/SSF4 TE & SSF4 TE/SF4 TE?

Would anyone have any videos/photos showing side by side comparisons between these sticks? I have an SE at the moment and I’m about to buy a TE. I was planning on getting an SSF4 TE but it depends on how big the difference in size will be. I heard the SF4 TE was larger than the SSF4 TE for example, but I’m not sure exactly how much larger it is. I also want to see if the difference in size between the SF4 SE and the SSF4 TE is big enough to be noticeable too.

Any videos/photos would be greatly appreciated.

I cant find any right now, but the TE and the TES are the same exact stick but without the side pieces/skirt. TES also has the “full” artwork covering the entire main surface.

The TE and the TE-S use the same body. only diffrence in physical appreance are the side covers. The TE-S does not have side covers like the TE round 1 and round 2. so your talking maybe a 3 inch diffrence all together from the new model to the old.

here is a link

SE stick is the same exact size as the TvC sticks shown in the top-right corner of Blind’s link, fyi.

Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a better reply. Thanks a lot guys :].

Is there any way to remove the side panels on the round one and two to make them match the S?

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not unless you have TE-S sides to replace with… if you do its a couple of bolts on the sides that hold them in