*VIDS UP* Bring on the Paign! Champaign/Urbana October 13th results!

Vids here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CappsIndigo

First of all, all of us here with the UIUC crew are very happy all of you were able to come to our campus and help make this tourny a success. Hopefully we can get a recurring thing going here to potentially bring in more players. All in all, I can say for myself that this weekend was a blast seeing all yall again and I just wanted to say thanks for supporting. MIDWEST HYPEHYPEHYPE.

Lets do this at SBII

GGAC Singles tourny: 24 people…(?)

  1. The Juice (HOS)
  2. AKA (Eddie)
  3. Blacksnake
  4. Cue
  5. Rob
  6. 4gotten_kazama
  7. Chojin
  8. Africa

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Singles tourny: 18 people.

  1. Humbag (Dudley)
  2. Part2 (Ibuki, Ken)
  3. The Juice
  4. Vega aka Immortal
  5. Arsenal
  6. Ghettoontherise
  7. Flexo aka Aegis Neglector
  8. Cue

Guilty Gear 2v2 tourny: 9 teams.

  1. Cue/The Juice
  2. 4gotten_kazama/Rob
  3. Chojin/Humbag

Capcom vs SNK 2: 8 people.

  1. Vega aka Immortal
  2. Rexor
  3. Ghettoontherise

Marvel vs Capcom 2: 10 people.

  1. Dereklearnslow
  2. MadBooFace
  3. The Juice

Super Turbo: 12 people.

  1. NKI
  2. Vega aka Immortal
  3. The Juice
  4. Rexor
  5. Keits
  6. Mario G

Puzzle Fighter HD free fun tourny: 14 people.

  1. Norbert
  2. Keits
  3. Jeremiah
  4. Dave
  5. Lorance
  6. Mario G.
  7. j1n
  8. NKI

Once again thanks for coming out and stuff. Shoutout from me coming later, time to rest now.

OH SHIT! Norbert got first in something. But it was free so it doesn’t count. Wish I could have gone but too busy with work work right now.

Do I smell a money match?..

lol norbert

This tourny was funkin awesome yeah yeah Im waiten for the sequel I heard its gonna have strippers, robots,explosions, a love triangle and…,PORN YEAH,YEAH I can t wait Yeah,yeah

2 everyone that I meet and 2 all u losers I saw again u guys need a life cause ur 2 good at videogames. Get a gurlfriend are sumthin jesus

cept for u losers who bought urs with u tryin 2 show me up losers Im postin in some bodies threads look for me Laters

PS- MAd mad props to Scott, Mike, and james for running a good well timed tourny and making it damn fun and orgininzed Im listining

Wow good results good job everyone! :clap::rock::clap:

Jose lost to humbag for first is 3S!!!??? Now I’ve seen it all. :rofl::wtf::tdown:

-Frankie :cool:

good games to everyone i played. had a great time.

Dang, Derek won Marvel eh. It’s Lorance btw. My spelling makes sense:rolleyes:.



Heh sorry, just put it from how it was spelled on the brackets, fixed for ya.

This is basically what happened to me on third strike.


Good games to everyone…derek, mike, george, nick, nunez, andrew, and everyone else. I had a great time despite playing super rusty, thanks for running this tourney James, you did a great job :lovin: wish I coulda stayed for longer.

This tourney was the shiznito bam slip slap sally. I was playing under my real name this time.

I would like to thank Scout, Mike, and James for running this shit. Mike again for houseing us and

for being such a cool dude (if no one else gets you on the stick fund I got you). Keits for being for

not only showing me a different style of play in puzzle fighter but also for also helping me out

with st tourney, thank you. Nappy, for kicking my ass in Tekken all night long. George

for showing me how much of a choke artist I am in 3s :arazz:. Steve, I got you on

that puzzle fighter bro. Arsenal always good games with you. Jose, always fun

to fight with you. Your Ibuki is amazing and I’m glad you made the decision to stick

with her. Humbag for being the most gangster of them all at 3s. NKI for always

bringing serious st comp. Rexor’s Boxer ain’t no joke. Last but not least I will

take the puzzle fighter crown from Norbert:devil:. Peace Out

[Mario G]

That is super funny…LOL!

Thank you James & Mike for hosting.

Thanks to everyone who came out and played.

I had a good time seeing old friends again, meeting new ones, and of course playing games.

Hope to see y’all out at the Columbus, OH tournament. November 3 - this is one not to miss!

Time to do a few shoutouts to some peeps:

Scott and Mike: we run things smoooooth.

Jose: Great games in 3s dude, it is always a blast to play against you. Your Ibuki can be a monster.

George: Great seeing ya again. All i gotta say is “He might be Autistic in that he always knows how many beers hes had”.

Dave: Awesome playing ya again. We’ll run things back again in Ohio. Sorry for shitting you out of MvC2. That was a big error on my part.

Brent: Good seeing ya again too. Good shit in ST and we will DEFINITELY get some 3s in in Ohio.

Keits: Thanks for helping out running ST. Noogie slide…what can I say.

Andrew: Good times playing some 3s into the night at Mike’s. Makoto is naaasty. Good job in the tourny as well!

J1n: 100000000000000 dollar HNK money match at Sb2. BET IT.

NappyJin: good seeing ya again as well. Your a really chill guy. Thanks for killing me in Tekken as well.

Mario G: glad you made it down here. VS is a crazy game and it was sweet learning some things about it.

YOSH: Dont need to say much but…BUBZ.

Jerry: Great to see you again. GUNFRAME!

Andy: Really glad you guys made the trip down. Its always good to hang out with you all. Way to beast me with May as well heh.

Stephane: “Who you playing in the finals?” Haha j/k j/k.

AKA: Arcana Bubz is too much lol. MASH 360 MASH 360. Eddie sucks :frowning: haha.

Steve: always cool seeing ya again. I gotta learn what the hell to do against Zappa lol.

Luigi: Glad you guys made it down. It was cool meeting yall.

Rexor/NKI: Thanks for making the trip down guys. See ya in Ohio.

Everyone else: It was awesome seeing ya/meeting ya for the first time. Thanks a lot for coming down to our campus and playing some good games. Im sure ill see most of you again at SB2. MIDWEST 4 LIFE.

Thanks.:rolleyes: Adam (Keits) made the sweet Lawrence Blood reference on the board. I call bs on you putting me against George first round in AC.:arazz: Give a nigga a chance is all I’m sayin’.:rofl: I wish I wouldn’t have dropped out of the CvS2 tourney. I would’ve made top 3 for sure. Probably would’ve won it. Oh well though, like they say, “You gotta play to win.”:sweat:

It was dope metting you, Scott, Adam, Mike, George, Aaron, and Derek. Derek beat me in Marvel like 80 times, but I was feenin’ for DAT MARVEL even though I suck out loud. Props to him for not being like “no” after a while.:rofl: I wish I could’ve stayed but we had tag alongs so meh.

hella wish i coulda gone…but im still like half dying from whatever the fuck it is i have…good shit to winners

Hope ya feel better Ari. I was looking forward to playing some 3s with ya, maybe at SB2?

wow I had no idea so many people were going to go to the champaign tourny. Wish I could have gone. Prucha… I thought you posted that you couldnt go because you got a new job, what happened?