Can some post vid’s of a couple good morgian players that don’t get wasted in 20 seconds?



even top players in japan like haramori get owned if they play morrigan (haramori vs ino) well maybe he would do better against people that arent god in cvs2 like ino but morrigan does suck period


morrigan does not suck. if you’ve ever played a good morrigan, you’d understand. that little freak has a lot going for her. mix-ups for days, knockdowns off of anything, great fireball and uppercut, she’s a little beast!



play buktooth, then come back and tell me how much morrigan sucks:rolleyes:


God, shut up or take it to fighting game discussion if you want to debate/kiss butt on who has the best who and who or whatever… :lol:

At least post some tactics or something a good player does when you want to say that player is good etc…