VidZone in US

VidZone is a service to download and streaming music videos in HD for your ps3, they say the service is awesome, but it’s only available for Europe(U.K and Spain i guess), Will VidZone be available for the America Continent?.

If you have an european account, don’t try to download the VidZone Software because it wont work, i tried to execute it, but the ps3 didn’t let me play it because it says something like “VidZone is only available in U.K and Spain, this service is not available in your country/region”.

No, VidZone will never be available in the Americas for the foreseeable future since it is a service only for European and Oceania PAL markets.

The only time it will work is if you are in said country, so I guess if you go on vacation and take your PS3 with you, then go nuts. :rofl: :coffee:

In other news, Xbox360 exclusivity to Netflix HD downloads ends with the announcement that next month PS3 owners can, too, download HD movies.