Vienna, Austria... any players?

Well, I recently got back into Super Turbo a bit but it’s just me and a friend. I’d certainly like to add some KOF and maybe Tekken to the list… or heck, anything someone else in this region plays.
I’m by no means pro, the scene is almost dead and I have the feeling I’m the only one in this city seriously training myself on a stick. Yeah, I played mostly pad in the past, just so you know me.

But hey, at least gimme some headup if you at least know the basics :wgrin:


Actually there are some players in Vienna, main game is 3rd Strike here (about 10 to 15 players) but some of us also play other games like CvS2 (my maingame), A3, HSF, …
If you are interested we maybe could arrange a little HSF/ST meeting sometime in the future.

edit: most of us post on, that’s the main messageboard for German and Austrian players.

No response? :sad: