Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) & Philippines (Manilla)

I’ll be traveling for two weeks, visiting Vietnam and Philippines. Where’s the arcade scene there? More particuarly, where’s the UMVC3 scene there.

If you could point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.

There are no Marvel scene here in HCM, just SF4 and P4A.

For Marvel in the Philippines/Manila area: do join or message these groups: (custom cab group) (MvC Philippines)

One of the custom cab places just closed, but iirc some people still hold sessions near La Salle/Taft Avenue.


So is there still no Marvel in VN? My family is from Ben Luc (I hope I’m spelling that right), it’s been about two years since I’ve last been back. Hopefully you guys are still playing AE at least.

I am willing to play anyone in Hanoi in Marvel. I’m moving there on May 8th if anyone is interested!

ihiryu: contact me on Twitter for some AE, 3rd Strike or P4A when you come to HCM. @kaiser_chip

Hanoi has no fighting games scene now. If you come to Vietnam for competitive scene need to visit HCM City.