View the hitboxes in SF4 - SF4 Box Viewer


First off I want to say that if Capcom wants this tool removed, I’ll remove it immediately! Absolutely no harm to anyone was intended when making this tool.

Anyway, here’s a video showing how it works:

Please read the readme before you start using SF4BV.
You can download it from my site as usual.

Ken G'eneral Discussion Thread (Frame Data, Techniques, Combos, and etc.)

No idea how Capcom could react to that, but this is a must have.

I actually love the hitbox bug. I would love to be able to paint basic hurtbox so I can see it better though.
Training safe jump meaties need to see the 1st vulnerable hurtbox frame of someone’s wake up and seeing the hitbox of my hit remaining on screen helps a lot to see if it’s deep enough. Unfortunatly, it would be better if I could also freeze this opponent wakeup hurtbox to really see where I should hit.


Holee crap someone finally did it. Thank you very much.


comrade Iullius iz real stronk wizard! very nice!!


So nice of you to say, unfortunately my nick is spelled with an “L”, and not an “I”. “Lullius”. : )
I just wanted to mention it, nothing against you, but it isn’t the first time that exact misspelling has occurred.

I could just fill all the green boxes with a green color, maybe then it would become clearer. There’s also another way to determine if a box is active or not, but that makes all the red boxes stay on screen until you do your next attack. Maybe I’ll add that to the next version. Also, nothing is stopping you from using SF4 Camera Man simultaneously with this tool (except that it crashes a lot and I can’t figure out why, haha), so you can pause the game and use the frame advance feature.

It took a while for me to program this thing, mostly because I had never programmed anything 3d before. I went through at least 3 stages of this tool. First I programmed it all in a normal window with 2d lines. After I saw that it worked, I was amazed at how slow it was. Then I went to OpenGL and programmed it using OpenTK in 3d. Big mistake, haha. Anyway, after being through all that I ended up with using DirectX. I’ve actually known how to get the boxes from SF4 for ages, I just never had the time/patience to sit down and learn something new… Anyway… If you read the readme you would know that I actually don’t know how most of the basic hurtboxes work. As mentioned, I used a lot of my time on other stuff. That’s why I want your (I mean all of you) help. I simply can’t do it all by myself because it would be too time consuming. So, if you got the name for one of the unnamed ones, the numbers, please post it somewhere I can get it. If you know anything about how SF4 works regarding boxes, don’t hesitate, just post it here, or send me a message. What I really need to know is how to determine what type of box a box is (totally invincible = invisible, projectile invincible = red, etc), and of course how to make the boxes disappear after they are no longer active.


Awesome work as usual!


I sent you a PM Lull. also in regards to what type of box each is (including the ones you know)

Dark Blue outline = Throw hurtbox box
Lighter Blue solid= Throw hitbox
Pale Yellow = Pushbox (when inside a character) or Proximity Box (when outside)
Green = Hurtbox for strikes and projectiles (but not throws)
Red = Hitbox
Invincible = nobox
Purplish red= Projectile invincible only (E.G. only strikes hit) (seen on a number of jumping attacks, such as on Akuma’s NJ LK on his lower leg)
Pinkish purple = armored hurtbox (focus attacks, Abel U2)

I dunno what the hurtbox looks like for moves that are strike invincible but not projectile invincible, they are incredibly rare though. Only ones I can think of off the top of my head is Abel’s HP Super and the first couple of frames of Dudley’s Thunderbolt.


Thanks, that means a lot to me coming from you. Unfortunately it still has it’s weaknesses. They’re listed in the readme if you didn’t see it already. There are probably more bugs than that too…


Yup, I knew most of those already (but not all), but I’m grateful for the info. I read your message btw, unfortunately I don’t have anymore time to work on it today or tomorrow. Maybe the day after that, no promises though. I really just wanted to release something because I know that if I’d waited until it was perfect it was never going to be released at all.


This is awesome, you really come out with quality stuff for SF4. Will be trying this out either today or tomorrow!


honest mistake, sorry :smiley:

is it possible to add a stunbar overlay as well (like in SF3 Third Strike)?


No worries! No hard feelings here.
Yeah, sure it’s possible. You know SF4 Peeker? Well, if you don’t, it’s a tool I made some time ago. It displays all sorts of things from SF4 like position, health and stuff. One of these days, when I get the time, I’ll probably add everything from Peeker into SF4BV, along with other stuff like ‘reach’ (from the original debug mode hitbox-viewer). That was my original plan for SF4BV, but unfortunately that has to come at a later time as right now I’m busy with other stuff.


great, thanks for reply

take your time :slight_smile:


If you can somehow manage something similar for KOF13 I’ll love you forever <3_<3
In a platonic, non-creepy way.


I had to donate, I just had to.
Anyway, a feature to add fulfill colors to boxes could be the way to go. We could choose to use it where and when we want. If dynamic editing of boxes is doable.
For the “need to see the hurtbox of 1st wake up vulnerable frame” I can record a KD and playback frame by frame. But I just wondered if this hitbox bug could be turned into a feature for hurtboxes.

To be honest I really, really think it’s worthless to work on every boxes possible. Serious players need the hurtbox, period. They’ll work on positions and area when something can hit or not. Work on how opponent hurtbox react inside a combo to understand why something hit only when delayed, etc.

Maybe that’s because I see this only in a training point of view. Perhaps there’s poeple that like to check if frame datas are correct in every possible way, checking invincibility there and there, but that’s not my case. For this kind of info, I just test it in training room. It’s easy. On the contrary, hurtbox positions change so much you can’t learn it. And your app just fill this weakness.


thanks so much. this will help alot with training. i was stuck having to reference those Japanese posters with my character’s hitboxes. it’ll be great to actually see them in animation. also it will be good for people making instructional videos on unblockables, etc


Nice work! Will you update these when ultra comes out?


Great stuff man this is awesome work you have done you have made a lot of people happy with this tool no doubt. :slight_smile:

Been messing around with this tool for a little bit and noticed that some moves are missing hurtboxes in areas when compared to the hitbox images from that magazine eventhubs uploaded.

Any way thanks a lot for doing this lullius also what are the chances of updating the tool for when USF4 hits PC?


Your method of reading the program memory from outside the SF4 executable and drawing an invisible (layered) aero window over it is inefficient, it also limits the scope of your userbase. When you use ReadProcessMemory() to read an APP externally, you’re gonna end up drawing the data 1, 2, or even sometimes 3 frames late depending on how much memory you’re reading and you may not display all active frames because they will miss since the game isn’t waiting on any callback before proceeding.

You should hook into the actual executable instead and do all your drawing logic and pass execution back to SF4 after it’s completed. This way you ensure you’re drawing everything up to that point before the game continues execution.

Either way, awesome job.