Viewlix 7 button Black / Grey Template

I’m prepared for some neg rep but I have searched and not been able to find a 7 button Black and Grey Viewlix template for an Extended Arthong Plexi.

Does anyone happen to have one? I suck with photoshop and was hoping to get a bunch of stuff printed up tomorow at Kinkos.

This is the layout and color scheme i’m looking for, but one that will fit arthong’s extended, not full, plexi for the TE.


Don’t know if this helps or if you’ve looked here but:

Edit: Found what you’re looking for

Seems like the same thing with only one and centered in the middle, that ones either it or this one is the Vewlix VS http://www.hard–

I made a 6-button version of this and posted it in Arthong’s thread long ago. I’ve seen may people use my modified template. I bet someone there has already done it.

I’ll give it a go sir, Thanks for the heads up man.

PM’d you the direct link to the full-size image

^ Nice! That’s what you want right there.

jaded805 did a cool modification to your 6-Button Vewlix-L, mdsfx.

Very nice. Never even thought of using a filter on it. good idea.

Where can I download that file so I can get it printed at Kinkos?

I also need the 7th hole added…

Use this one. It’s divided into layers that you can turn on/off depending on what you want.

You didn’t see my Post? :sad:
mdsfx had to point it out.

Unless you mean you wanted 6-Button Embossed Template by jaded805 with Seventh Hole added.
Not Template of SilentRage03 which has Six, Seven and Eight-Button Layout?

I hate to sound lazy, but my photoshop isn’t working tonight. I’ll just bring it to a buddies tomorrow or see if kinko’s can just turn em off for me.

Sure they can. Unless they’re assholes, that’s not hard to do. Or, if you can find someone nice enough on srk to download it, turn off the layers to make it 7-buttons, save it, and send it back to you, you’d be set. I would, except I’m not even at home right now and won;t be for 3 days.

No worries man, Thanks again everyone for all the help. Hopefully they won’t be douches tomorrow…

Can anyone help? I would love a TE Vewlix template in grey/red as shown. Thanks! [media=youtube]RmOQsyGNrLw[/media]