Viewlix Joystick Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday, and my girlfriend suprised me with this <3

figured you guys would get a kick out of this one :slight_smile:

thats a genuine sanwa ball top

the cake is delicious btw, and this is definitely a work of art!

more pictures on my blog

Ahahahahah holy shit :lovin:

thats pretty awesome. my girlfriend got a penis cake last year.

Incredible and delicious looking indeed!

was the black button all three flavors at once?
(Oh yeah. did u see what I did there?! =D )

you are a lucky mofo to have a girlfriend that made you that cake!

Is that a real balltop?

Cool cake.

haha i think that’s a giant jawbreaker or something…

marry her


for real

whats the black button for?

I think it’s there because the Viewlix cap has 7 buttons. The black just being the button plug. None the less, pretty awesome cake.

WOW! That’s fukkin sweet, in every sense of the word:clapdos::clapdos::clapdos:

Why buy the cow when you can get the cake for free?