Viewlix/Kraylix 24 inch plans?


been searching online for a slim type or 24 inch kraylix/viewlix plans. and wanted to know if this is viable for a 2-player type cab eventhough it;ll just be 24+ inches wide. currently making a mame cabinet.



I don’t think 24" are good for a 2-player setup… but then again, you should check and take notes on the dimensions of a real arcade cab just to be sure.

And sorry, I have some Vewlix plans somewhere in my gaming rig… but the PSU is dead and I can’t get the info until I replace it.


thanks for the feedback.

checked on the cabinet thread and i think i can pull this off with a few tweaks on donovan myers specifications


24" is fine for two players. Not sure if you were around for arcades in the US, but the 25" MK3 ultimate CRT was MASSIVE at the time. Also, the 4 player based games started on 25" CRTs. Eventually they went to 29" ones, but I’m running a 24" on my Naomi/Viewlix hybrid and it’s fine.


I put some very basic plans together based around a 24 inch display, here:

It would probably be slightly too small for 2 players though.

It’s been modified over the years to look more like the real cab though:

Original build log is here:

Edit: 24 inch display would be absolutely fine for 2 players btw.


Hello this is my clone Vewlix

All pictures of the construction


Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies.

I actually like this one from [OCT]Wall-Garants and might go with a small tv for the mean time. I do have a question on where you got the plans/specifications for the control panel

cause i can only find this panel from donovan:


I don’t recall any plans with specific control panel dimensions when I built the slim. I went off the owner’s manual(s) and calculated based on the general cabinet dimensions. Link here if it’s of any use and you haven’t seen them before:


hmmm i’ll try to make my own dimensions as well :slight_smile: anyways thanks :smiley:


I still have saved measures will search for and send you as soon as possible.


thanks will wait for that. :slight_smile:


Do you mind to share them? I’m starting my project soon but I just want to be sure.


Yes friend I am already preparing everything to post here


Hi all, I do not speak English I’m using google translator I’ll try to help you guys with some pictures and measurements.
the instructions on the images are in Portuguese.hug


Thank you very much for this :slight_smile:


anyone has a psd template for the control panel? thanks.


has a model in the images of the entire construction of the arcade if you like you can use that as a basis


i do have a few questions about the numbers used. are they in mm or cm? as i can’t seem to figure them out. thanks


Get 2. Do head to head.



Sorry I got the project this way but I’ll try to help you the unique images that are in cm are the control measures in 7,16 and 23 and in all measures of the image of the arcade box bottom are in the rest of this cm all in mm. any questions just ask ok