Viewlix panel for HRAP 4 kai



I have a very nice HRAP 4 Kai modded like this:

  • IMP v2 coupled with Multi-Console Cthulhu (PC/X-Box/PS/PS2/PS3/NGC/DC/SAT/NES/SNES, etc …) and PCB Xbox360 HORI v2
    -PS3/PS4 original PCB.

up classic PS3/PS4, down the other…

Full Sanwa parts inside. My wish is to change panel for viewlix style like with same materials from original panel. is it possible and where can I buy it?

full black or red/black.



The thing is you are comparing a HRAP 4 Kai to a PS 4Hrap VLX which is a super premium arcade stick.
The panels are made from the exact same materials.

Now if you want to buy a Hrap VLX you can get it from Arcade Shock

Older Black version

Red Version

If you are just looking to change the panel art, keep in mind you are not going to replicate the materials Hori used
you can try Art Hobbys at Tek Innovations


Thanks I undestand.

I can print a viewlix set and paste it on metal blank panel.