Viewtful Joes Aerial Rave into baroque



I made is cool little combo. It seems pretty useful if you use his ground BnB to start it off or you can use his corner infinite.
I didn’t get around to do that stuff but hey nothing stopping you.

Heres my combo. Disregard the flashy editing.

Launch :snkb: :snkb: :qcb::snkb: :snkc: :qcb::snkb: baroque mode
:qcb::snkc: :snkc: :qcb::snkc: mash!:snkc::snkc::snkc: for some extra damage.

If you can add anything to this fill free to do so.


I’m not use to language of tvc2 I get what u put though. Try this: launch L M H (2 hits only) jump L M H (2hits only) baroque jump L M P (2hits only) red hot kick, air Joe or six cannon cancel into partner hc. Sorry if that confused anyone. You should make ground for this