Viewtiful Joe Basics Thread

Since I don’t know if they are going to move the old threads over I’ll make a new Viewtiful Joe basics thread here.
This is a gathering of info from the old thread and some of my personal observations.
It’s still a bit of a WIP as I would like to get damage values, etc. Thanks everyone from the original thread!

Original Thread -

Note: All damage was tested on Ryu with full-health.

A - A jab. 640 Damage
B - A kick. 1280 Damage
Forward B - A slow punch that doesn’t seem to cancel into anything. 960 Damage
C - A turnaround kick. 2480 Damage
c.A - A crouching punch. 640 Damage
c.B - A crouching kick. 1040 Damage
c.C - Similar to Dictator’s slide. Joe will move forward and knock the opponent down. 2240 Damage
cf.C - His launcher. 2240 Damage
j.A - A jumping punch. 480 Damage
j.B - A jumping kick. 960 Damage
j.C - 3 hits if timed right. 720->1936->2556 Damage

Voomerang - QCF :p: 2400 Damage (Can be done in air)
Hold down the button to charge. If you TK a boomerang it will severely cut down on recovery time.

A - VJ sends a boomerang straight out. If charged it will circle back around the opponent.
B - VJ sends a boomerang that goes out a bit and then up. If charged it will come back down.
C - VJ sends a boomerang that goes around himself. If charged it will go forward after circling you.

Air Joe - Mash :p: (In the air)
Kind of like Chun’s lightning legs (will post more later)

Shocking Pink - QCB :p: 3600 Damage
VJ will send out a bomb that explodes after a while. Timing on when the bomb explodes depends on which button was pressed.
You can move the bomb once it has been sent out by attacking it. A good trick is to send out a bomb then use a boomerang to knock the bomb over to your opponent. If you hold onto the attack button he will juggle the bomb until you let go.

A - About 1 Second
B - About 2 Seconds
C - About 3 Seconds

Red Hot Kick - QCB :p: 1440 Damage (In the air)
A - VJ kicks straight down.
B - VJ kicks down at a 45 degree angle.
C - VJ kicks straight across.

Assist - 3600 Damage
Joe sends out a bomb that takes about 4 seconds to explode. Pretty terrible but I’m trying to find ways to play around with it. Being able to kick it around is at least fun even if it’s not too useful.

Hyper Combos
Six Cannon (LVL 1) - QCF :p::p: 16800 Damage (Can be done in the air)
Takes forever to come out. Not all that useful besides maybe jumping and punishing a beam super?

Mach Speed (LVL 1) - SRK :p::p: 6372 Damage

Slow & Zoom (LVL 3) - QCB :p::p: 20916 Damage

BnB Combos

:snka: :snkb: :d: :snkb: :df: :snkc: :u: :snka: :snka: :snkb: :snkb: :snkc: (2 hit) jc :snka: :snkb: :snkc: (2 hit) :qcb: :snkc: :qcb: :snkb: 16 hits total.

If you time it right you can make the B Red Hot Kick miss after the C one and you’ll land right next to your opponent. Which side you land is kind of random. I think it depends on how close you are to the wall. I think properly delaying the second Red Hot kick will do this. As a result you can go for an IAD C for the quick crossup. (Thanks Zoogstin)

Random Stuff
TK Voomerang Infinite
This can be done from anywhere on the screen. Input is TK QCF A [xN].
If you are having trouble getting it you have to be pretty strict with the timing as if you press A too quickly the Voomerang won’t come out and you will just fall back to the ground. You also have to be really quick about doing another TK Voom as soon as you land otherwise it won’t combo. Try timing it so that you are holding up-forward as you touch the ground.

I believe this can be escaped by a properly timed MC -> Super-Jump/AG. Going to try and get a vid of the infinite and when to properly MC it.

Can be combo’d into using:
A -> c.B -> C xx Baroque, TK QCF A [xN]
j.C -> TK QCF A [xN]
(Thanks Keits, Timotee)

Made a quick video just do demonstrate how it’s done. Once I get more familiar with the timing I will try and post a more in-depth vid.

VAR Glitch
This is done by canceling a Red Hot Kick into a VAR (QCF+P). The trick is to make sure that the VAR does not connect with the opponent. Viewtiful Joe will fly to the top of the screen. You can get out of this by mashing Air Joe or Baroque/MC in the first couple seconds.

A bit of random info: If you do this while you are in Baroque you won’t have the VAR flashing as you float up. I don’t think this really changes anything else though.

Video: [media=youtube]Nx49kCH7PXo[/media]

IAD Infinite
Apparently he also has an infinite by using IAD B -> C [xN]. I haven’t been able to do it personally and would really like to see some videos if anyone has been able to do it.
(thanks to JustinW for this)

Air Joe can be used to knock your self out of the VAR glitch (or Red Hot Switch as I like to call it lol)…

Something I’ve been thinking about…

Going to see if it’s possible to do a baroque combo while there is a bomb out and use the bomb to get red damage (Is there red damage off of chip?) and do another baroque in the combo. I’m not sure how practical this would be (or if it’s even possible) but it should be something fun to screw around with.

I’m not sure how the bomb works but wouldn’t it be enough to knock you out of the combo? Mega Crush gives you red life so you could try messing around with that…

Awesome moveset info, I’ll add what I’ve noticed to help out:
You got the damage wrong on the A, it’s 640, not 680.
Forward B doesn’t cancel into anything, but it has invincibility up the wazoo.
The damage for 2 hits with j.C is for the 2nd and 3rd hit, if you hit with the 1st and 2nd hits it does 1404 instead.

Well, since you wanted some information on proration, here’s what I found out. Damage proration in combos works by 5%, each hit in the combo does x-x(.05y), where x is the base damage and y is the hit number of the combo minus 1. So a hit that does 640 will do 608 as the second hit of the combo, and so on. This caps when the damage reaches 35% of the base, around 16 hits into the combo. Keep in mind that a lot of the powerful supers are multihit, so while the first hit may only be 5% short, the final hit could be 20% below full power instead.

However, projectiles are an exception in that they prorate one hit later. This holds true for projectile supers. Here’s a small list of the tk’d voomerang damage.

Good shit, Austin.


Hmmm…could the issue here be that the voomerang actually hasn’t hit by the time you launch the next one? So it doesn’t prorate the damage on it when you launch it? That would be the same for some projectile supers (although I suppose not all of them.) I’m just interested to know why this is.

No, the issue isn’t with you getting a projectile out before the previous one hits, as I tested doing a v’rang from Joe’s j.C and the same property still applied. It’s just a trait that projectiles have.

To help out with BnB’s for the standard launcher combo this is the most I’ve been able to milk out of it:

:snka::snkb::d::snkb::df::snkc::u::snka::snka: :snkb: :snkb::snkc: (2 hit) jc :snka::snkb::snkc: (2 hit) :qcb::snkc::qcb::snkb: 16 hits total.

If you time it right you can make the B Red Hot Kick miss after the C one and you’ll land right next to your opponent. Which side you land is kind of random. I think it depends on how close you are to the wall. I think properly delaying the second Red Hot kick will do this. As a result you can go for an IAD C for the quick crossup.

Here are a few more things to add. Aside Joe’s Mach Speed Super, the only way to combo off of Joe’s forward B is to Baroque it. And because Joe’s baroque combos really aren’t that strong until he has around 30% or more red life, I figured if you have less you might as well baroque the forward B and combo into his level 3. Damage wise I feel it will be worth it.

Everybody should know by now that Voomerang spam is a must. I only use the A and B versions.

Also I’m sure a lot of us have realized this as well but for the sake of typing something so it can be put in the first post let me just say that Joe is a ZONING MACHINE!!! Although kinda gimmicky. Voomerang spam and Red Hot kicks make it very frustrating for the player to get to you. As soon as they do reach you, you can super jump then do a C RHK. From there you can double jump, air dash, and/or do an A RHK to get back to the ground quickly (you’re vulnerable for a split second though). If you feel like taking risks after you perform the C RHK you can do a B RHK to catch them off guard if they’re desperately trying to get to you. Use it sparingly. Although its safe on block you’re screwed if it whiffs. The two best assists I can think of that aids in his turtling ability are Casshern and Roll.

Thanks for the good info Zoogstin. Sorry everyone if it feels like I’ve been neglecting this thread. Due to circumstances I no longer have a Wii so I haven’t been able to do well… anything.

I would definitely like to keep this thread updated though. If anyone has good info they want in the first post just let me know. If anyone can link to a combo-vid that would be sweet too.

This is gonna sound dumb but… what is TK? Tiger knee?

yes. Do you know what that is?

If you do a combo and drop the bomb (assist), but instead of them being hit by it, you get hit, it will count towards your overall combo. It even says two hit combo if it hits both of you. Madness… :lol:

sigh I give up on this board. I’ve discovered tons of things on my own, and I was willing to share it with the community, but nobody seems to care about Joe, so I’m keeping them to myself.

Its too bad more people don’t play Joe. He’s better than most people think he is.

sigh I was posting stuff earleir but I haven’t gotten much response. I’m contributing but I need other people to do so. I was trying to get somethings started but that failed.

So rather than holding back maybe you should post some stuff. I check here everyday waiting for someone to post something juicy. Don’t be bitter and think that you’re the only one whose trying to figure out how this guy plays. I still play him.